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Oxo Pop Tops

I saw another knottie post how she loved hers, sat them on the counter..I finally looked at them on BBB. So who ever owns them, did you go for a 5pc, 10pc, or mix and match? What do you store in yours? Just wondering the best way to register for them in sets or separate! Hope everyone is having fun with their registries!
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Re: Oxo Pop Tops

  • I have a similar style storage container to the Oxo (different brand).  For my kitchen, it made sense for me to buy the individual sizes that I need and want, rather than a set of the various sizes.  I personally have very little use for the smaller containers, so I bought a few of the medium size (for flour, sugar, coffee), 1 large one for rice, and the pasta one.  Oh, and a cereal dispenser for my Sams Club box of cheerios.  :-) 
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  • i actually bought some of these today! :)

    i bought the sizes that i would need.

    i use them for sugar, flour, brown sugar, bread crumbs, etc. they are AWESOME!
  • JuneMaggieJuneMaggie member
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    I bought the 5 pieces- I use it for: 

    Flax seeds (used in my smoothies)
    Raw ALmonds (buy in bulk at costco- for snacking)
    Sugar (used in my FI's coffee)
    and I can't remember the last one :) 

    Oh- wheat flour- I buy a lot of stuff from the bulk bins at WHole Foods- they are in bags, so I need something to store them in- I will probably by a couple more of the big ones.  
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