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Bridal Shower registry & Wedding registry

I'm a bit lost about this & I'm not sure how this works.

We didn't register for a wedding registry because we already live together & have everything we need. We figured if anyone would like to give us something they can give us money towards our honeymoon that we planned for a little bit later after the wedding.

My FMIL is is hosting a bridal shower for me & said that I needed to register for gifts. That it was separate from the wedding gift.

Is this true? If you did a wedding registry did you do a separate one for the bridal shower? Did you use the same one but guest gave 2 separate gifts?  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Bridal Shower registry & Wedding registry

  • People who go to a bridal shower normally bring a gift. it is to "shower the bride". The wedding gift is normally a larger gift for both or money. You can not ask for monday as it is rude, but why don't you register for upgrades on items you would want a better version of?
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  • Most people, not all, will give you a gift for the bridal shower and another gift for the wedding.  I know it's not a universal truth, though.

    If you didn't register for the wedding, you do need to register for your FMIL to throw you a shower.  The whole point of the shower is to shower the bride with gifts, so unless you want eighteen Crock Pots, I would suggest creating a smaller registry of items that might be a wishlist.  Things you might want, not need, that maybe you would never purchase for yourself.   Good luck!
  • Showers are for physical gifts.  You don't have to register, but if you accept a shower, be prepared for lots of duplicates and weird things if you don't.  

    Generally, there are not separate shower and wedding registries.  Although it varies depending on your social circle, people often give a physical gift for a shower and then cash for the wedding.  
  • No, they're really the same registry, but if you're having a shower, it's a very, very good idea to havea  registry. The shower is for physical gifts.
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    If you don't want gifts, tell her thanks but no thanks on the Bridal Shower.  At least a small registry is a VERY good idea. I do not believe for one second that you could have possibly everything you want from BBB or C&B!  There's always upgrades, new items, linens and decor that you could use!
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    Thank you ladies for all your help. This has cleared up my confusion. I'll set up a smal bridal registry for the bridal shower. Yes, we can use some upgrades & there is always something I want to buy. So it will be helpful. lol I guess I just never thought about having one & times are so tough.

    But you ladies are right. Thank you for all of your help. Smile

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    i agree it feels weird to register for stuff and i was also hesitant at first.  but i've realized the upgrades are nice and now i keep adding more stuff!  people want to buy you things.  at least you'll get more things that you actually need, instead of things like this:

    also you can register at less traditional places like home depot or REI - that's a popular one in colorado.  
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