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Home improvement stuff?

We bought a house in 2011 and it came without blinds on the windows. FI wants to register for blinds. I think it's a little weird, but told him I'd get others' opinions. Thoughts?

Re: Home improvement stuff?

  • A friend registered for curtains and rods at BB&B so it's not that unusual.  If you want to get them at a place that does not have registries, use the money that people give as a gift to get them.  Do not register for gift cards; it's the same as registering for cash.
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  • You will more than likely get some cash gifts so I would just use some of that toward purchasing the blinds. 

    Agree w/above tldh, do not ask for gift cards. It is the same as asking for cash which is inappropriate.
  • I don't think it is weird, maybe not the "norm" but I'd still put home improvement stuff in the same category as towels & kitchen appliances.  Maybe it's because we just bought our first home last year and I understand where you are coming from =]
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  • I don't think it's weird at all to ask for blinds or shades.  I'm not sure that's the gift I'd select from your registry, but I wouldn't think twice about seeing something like that on your registry. 
  • I registered for blinds @ BBB.  Like many people, we've combined two households and don't need towels or kitchen gadgets.  I do, however, hate the blinds that came with the house and would love new ones.  I can't imagine that people would side-eye it on my registry and if they do... at least I'm not asking them to pay for my wedding or honeymoon :)  
  • Go for it if it's something you need. Sounds like something an aunt or mother or others may enjoy giving you since they understand the practicality.
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