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Gift for MOH?

I'm been struggling with finding the perfect gift for my MOH (my best friend of 20 years) and finally came up with the idea of a nice jewelry box with her monogram etched in the glass (like this one from Pottery Barn):

Does that seem like an appropriate "thank you" gift for a MOH? Or, if not, I'd love some other suggestions of what people are getting their attendants. FWIW, she's my only attendant (no bridesmaids).

Re: Gift for MOH?

  • That's a really nice jewelry box. Not nearly big enough to store all my stuff, but I'm a jewelry whore so...yeah. I agree to not get it monogrammed. Unless she's into that, it will look a bit childish. Depending upon how much you are looking to spend, you could even get get a nice piece of jewelry you tuck inside to start her off.

    I'm getting my MOH a Brunch Basket from Stonewall Kitchens (it has all the fixings for a lovely brunch), a trio set of makeup bags and a Peach Satin Hands treatment from Mary Kay.

    I'm getting my BM two leather bound journals (she's a songwriter), a pair of gold/beaded earrings & also the Peach Satin Hands. 
  • I was going to get a jewelry box (also from PB) for my MOH.  I skipped it because she already had one.  I think it's a nice idea.  You could go ahead with the monogram, but only do her first initial.  In lieu of the jewelry box, I got my MOH a pair of earrings from her favorite jewelry store.  For my other BMs, I gave kindles, a bracelet, and travel items for my jet-setting SIL.
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  • I think its nice.  I would like it.

    I got one of my MOH's an engraved flask (with her first name) and my other MOH a necklace set.  On top of those gifts they each got a personalized hanger, jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelet) for the wedding, first name on a tote bag, purse that matched their dress, purse perfume, and lip gloss. 
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  • I think this is a very nice idea but agreed to skip the monogramme as some people might not like it.
  • I'm getting my mother this personalized blanket and my fiance is giving one to his mom with a slightly different personalization (not yet completely finalized yet) for his mom.
    This is one I'm getting (with the saying shown) from Li'l Inspirations

    I know they will use them.  I thought it was great because I could have a nice personalization but on it where it will always be seen and my mom and his mom will actually use them.  What do you think?
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