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do NOT register at Target

Apparently, you can only return items without receipts twice from your registry, period. And your limit is $150 per time.

We registered in December right before christmas and my mom bought us some items for the bathroom. One item was damaged when we recieved it in January. When returning the item, they told me this would be 1 out of 2 times I could return anything from the registry OR I had to call and get the credit card number the item was purchased with.

They wouldn't just do an equal exchange. In addition, they were already discontinuing the colors we chose for our bathroom towels.

Since most guests don't include receipts in the wrapped gifts and it's pretty rude to call each one and get their credit card number, we took all our registry off Target and registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Much better at those outlets.

Re: do NOT register at Target

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    Whoever told you this was (somewhat) mistaken. Go to Target. Get on your registry there. There is a "gift purchase log". If your registry was SCANNED at the time of purchase, you are able to return using this as a receipt. So, this wouldn't include items that you marked off yourself or the same items bought from somewhere else, but would include items they purchased at Target and scanned off the registry at the time of purchase. 

    However, if you just return without a receipt at all (including the Gift Purchase Log, which ACTS as a receipt) you only get two returns/year as per their normal return policy. 

    However I understand your other frustrations.
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    Thank you for letting us know.  I want the registry part of wedding planning to be as easy as can be and that sounds like a headache
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    I have heard of some problems with returning items to Target, but hopefully the suggestions above will help you in the future if you need to return anything else. 
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    I have had issues returning items @ Target as well, though it is still one of my favorite stores.  I wish they had a better return policy. 
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    Uh, oh. That is where I am registered... oh dear.
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    Yes, if the printout is scanned, it counts as a receipt, but there is so much room for error on both sides..the guests doesn't make sure the print out is scanned, the cashier doesn't scan or know to scan it... too much room for error. i just avoided target for my registry. it isn't worth the headache. oh and don't forget if you don't have the receipt it is the lowest price the item was at.

    my fiance bought me a dvd to watch while he was out of town, and when i opened the package it was broken. i tried to take it back to target for an exchange, but without the receipt or credit card on hand, and fiance not answering his phone to read off his cc number, they offered me $13 for the $40 movie and that was only if i repurchased the movie at the current $40 price, otherwise no return. so i would have had to pay $27 to exchange my defective product. the manager also said by wanting to exchange the dvd evenly that i was stealing from target. yes, he said those exact words! i was livid.  i was also at the store that day to do my holiday shopping and planned to spend about $500 on various items including a new digital camera for me. i called up best buy who carried the same movie collection but without the target exclusive bits. they offered to exchange out the movie for me no problem without me telling them about my other shopping. i just said i had a defective movie from target that i couldn't exchange and they said to bring it in. i did my shopping there, and target did not get my wedding registry even though i do like items from there, but it isn't worth the headache or hassle.

    and bed bath and beyond is nothing like target at all. they return everything with or without a receipt no problem. i have never had any problems with them, especially in the unfortuante moments of a defective item. if they carry it, they take it back which is the low stress i need. duplicates happen and i will never call any of my guests to ask for a receipt.
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    A little late to this thread, but I recently had trouble purchasing off a friend's registry at not one, but two seperate target stores AND online. 

    Don't know if it was a single day glitch, but I decided to try their other registry for my gift selection.  HTH
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    That's not what their info online says, and large chains can afford to just take the return/exchange
    Sorry you had to move your whole registry, but if you have more returns I would just insist or speak to a manager or whatever, and explain the situation and that you are not calling all of your guests to get their credit card info.

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    ces25c, yeah managers can't help either. they really don't have the power to take a return that they system doesn't allow the cashier to already do.
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