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    [QUOTE]I think the decision to do a honeymoon registry is unique for every couple and wedding. My FI and I chose to do one because we've been living together for 2 years, and even though we have a roommate and will eventually have to divide items when we move, we are not moving any time soon. Our house is small, so while some items from a registry would be useful to us now, most of them would have to be stored somewhere until we move into our own place. We are also inviting 250 people and come from big families who believe in giving money at weddings and gifts at showers. When we first brought up the idea of the honeymoon registry, the family and friends we talked to thought it was a great idea. They liked the idea of helping to give us a nice vacation rather than buying us a new blender. Bottom line. Do what works for you. It's 2012 and I personally think the etiquette rules on how things need to be done are in dire need of revisions. So many people lead so many different types of lives that I think the basic rule of thumb is, if it works for you and your circle of friends and family, then do it. Hope this helps. I got blasted for saying we have a honeymoon registry, but everyone who knows about it told me they thought it was a brilliant idea.
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    </div><div>I could not agree with you more!!!

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Thinking of a Honeymoon Registry? : I could not agree with you more!!!
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    Icky, tacky, yuck.  Your really going to ask people to pay for your vacation?!?!?  I don't need anything either, or want anything, and I am making that very vocal.  If you don't need anything and your home is set, just request no gifts.
  • I think this is a great idea!  I am just starting the research on different sites and think we are going with honeyfund.  This is the second wedding for both of us and we have lived together for years so we dont need anything but everyone keeps asing us where we are registered.  With any registry you are asking ppl to buy you things so I do not see a difference.  They can choose whether to give you just a check in an envelope or buy something for the honeymoon.  Good luck!
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    [QUOTE]We are using Sandals which is powered by Honeymoon Wishes.  Our guests LOVE it!  Just six weeks till our big day and we are super stoked!  we have nearly $3000 in gifts including a couples massage, an off-road jeep safari and Sandals has this awesome foundation so our guests are giving $150 to this charity.   If this is what you want, create a honeymoon registry and together we can re-write the etiquette rules!
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    Wow! I am more confused as ever! What's acceptable, whats not; things have certainly changed since my first marraige. But as an older bride who also has everything I can possibly need I am too looking for a less traditional registry and I think this is awesome. We are fully prepared to pay for the wedding and honeymoon but once we get there it would be great to benefit from some of the extras that may not be in the budget. I am used to doing everything on my own and I think my family and friends would jump at the chance to help me to relax. And if they don't, thats okay too because I am fully prepared to just lie on the beach and enjoy some down time. I am going to look into this.
  • I think the idea to go to a honeymoon registry is totally worth and it is also very nice experience for the bride and groom. It gives us a lot of exciting offers and places where we can enjoy thoroughly. My cousin suggest me to go for the honeymoon registry to Our Wishing Well. We have registered with them and I am very exciting about my honeymoon.

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