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So, I was chatting with my mom about a week ago about finances and just things FI and I have to save for right now.  One of the things I mentioned was gifts for parents and wedding party.  She said they absolutely did not want or need a gift and she would rather we take that money and use it towards  starting our lives together. 
Now, I know my mom and know she is being serious about this and really doesn't want us to spend money on her or my dad. Also, they both are the type that just buy something when they want it.  They are being beyond generous and paying for our whole wedding though, and really giving us anything within reason that we ask for.  So, to me it feels disrespectful to not give them a gift.
We still plan to give FI's parents gifts, which then would make it even more weird to not give something to mine.

What would you do?
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    My parents said the same thing, OP.  Right now I am probably going to get them a nice thank-you card with a heart-felt message from  both of us, maybe a gift card to a restaurant, and when the pictures come back in, they get an album that we'll get custom-made for them.  Mom insists that we don't need to get anything for them, but this is a small gesture, and it's affordable for us, and won't look too "grandiose" to them.  
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    I agree that I would feel weird giving something to FI's parents and not my own, no matter what they said. Maybe you can make a nice photo album for both sets of famillies? 
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