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Low-priced items, but will they buy individual pieces?

I know we need to have lowere priced items on the list, though it's tough as we have everything we need and really are just upgrading. We registered for some things in separates as opposed to sets to make it easier for people to buy things at a lower price.

For example, FI wanted really strong silverware, so we got the really expensive stuff (I couldn't believe it - $45 for a one-person set and that wasn't nearly the highest price!) Rather than scan a $200 set, we scanned 12 of these $45 sets. Another example is crystal wine glasses. You can buy one for $30, but will people feel weird or not want to buy a single wine glass? Same thing with the china/dinnerware.

Is it rude/greedy to do it this way? I think even though there are single items at lower prices, it is still obvious that we scanned really expensive things. Thoughts?

Re: Low-priced items, but will they buy individual pieces?

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    kaos16kaos16 member
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    I was given the advice regarding registering that you should register for the set and individual pieces as well.  It would work with dishes, pots and pans, knives, glassware, silverware, etc.  The theory being that if someone gets the whole set, great....if someone gets one or two, you can still use your completion discount to get the rest.  Further, if someone gets the whole set, while another person gets individual pieces for you, you should be able to exchange those for additional things on your registry that may not have been purchased. 

    I am not sure if this is technically proper advice, but it made sense to me.
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    Avion22Avion22 member
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    We registered for things that would have been VERY expensive as a set, but do-able as singles or multiples.  For example, our casual place settings were about $50 per setting -- we registered for 12 of them. Some people got us one setting, some people got us two or three settings depending on what they wanted to spend.

    Same thing with sheets and towels.  Some people bought multiples, some people bought individual items.  We ended up not needing to buy much.
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    We sort of mixed and matched. I did a 8 place setting set, which frequently goes on sale for $200, but I also registered for 4 individual sets, which are usually on sale for $50 each. The sales consultant suggested if we did receive 4 individual settings that we could return them and purchase the 8 settings for the same price. I also figured that some people might go in on a gift together so thats why I did it that way.

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    egm900egm900 member
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    We're in the same boat, we're upgrading or asking for things that are totally unnecessary.  I finally decided the people we're inviting to the wedding should realize that since they know us, and they always have the option to give a gift card, cash, or go off registry if they don't want to buy one or two of the individual items.  I'm not registering for things I wouldn't be happy with just so Aunt Sally can give me the full set of dishes, towels, etc.

    I wouldn't register for both singles and multiples, especially if you're at a store that gives you the completion discount for the entire store. I had a friend learn the hard way returns can be a real pain by sheer quantity if you have a lot to pack into the store, the time it can take to do a lot of returns, juggling gift receipts, etc.  If the store only gives a completion discount if it appears on the registry, you could always add the set right before the wedding, or have a friend/relative add it for you so you don't see the registry.   

    We looked at the price of the set and then decided, our All-Clad pots and pans got added individually because we had a lot of expensive items for people looking to give a group gift and the set was really expensive compared to everything else.  As far as the less expensive sets, like crystal, we added individual glasses for the ones we really wanted (red, white, champagne) and sets for the ones we'd like to have, but were okay not getting (specialty glasses like brandy and martini) to clue people in to what we wanted.  
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    Nah, this isn't greedy. It's actually a pretty smart strategy for your guests. 

    Also, it IS okay to have some things as sets...people might want to go in on a gift.  As long as you have things at various price points, you're all good.
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    We had people buy us one or two wine glasses. Or two bowls, or two plates, or whatever. It works, considering we got all but maybe three pieces of our glassware and china as gifts for the shower or wedding.
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