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I just got an invitation to a bridal shower for my cousin's FI.  The wedding is NEXT October and the shower is THIS October.  They are registered at 3 different places (which in and of itself isn't an issue), but there is a note on the invitation indicating they'd appreciate gift cards because they'll be travelling (not moving) to the state where my cousin is currently stationed.  I don't know which part I'm more offended by: the fact that gift cards were requested (which is an etiquette no-no) or that this wedding is over a year away meaning that they'll be using the gifts well before the wedding (also an etiquette no-no).  I also get the feeling that the bride is the one planning this shower.

You'd better believe that if I end up going that I will be not be bringing a gift card.

Re: Facepalm

  • There is no way I would go. How do you even muster up that much excitement to congratulate a bride and give her gifts over a year before her wedding? Craziness.
  • Who wants to see someone open up gift cards at a shower?  
  • This is kind of odd. I know several things with Military couples can cause unusual timeframes and situations compared to "normal" weddings. However, this seems like a ploy for giftcards & money to furnish their home in the new duty station. Which, ultimately, is rude no matter how you spin it.

    I would decline this shower invitation, had I received it.
  • I would also decline the shower invitation and not send a gift until closer to the wedding. That is seriously crazy and it sounds like they are trying to furnish their new home.
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  • I am feeling like declining the shower invitation... As far as wishing the bride is concerned, I would do that with a snail mail congratulation card. Laughing
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