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Anyone else with one unused registry?

I post this just out of curiosity. I have three registries set up. Macy's, Bed Bath Beyond, and Williams Sonoma. I put a lot of thought into each of them and made sure they all had items at various price points. I have had 3 showers and am only 40 days out from the wedding and receiving wedding gifts in the mail regularly. My Macy's and BBB registries are more than half gone but not a single thing has been bought off the WS registry! Literally not a single thing. That registry has just a couple of big ticket items but is mostly smaller things in the 15 to 35 range. It's become so strange that I have taken to checking it everyday just to see if it is still the same out of amusement. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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Re: Anyone else with one unused registry?

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    Probably because most people can get use coupons for BB&B and Macys.....not so for Williams Sonoma. The name alone makes me think of expensive stuff, so many people may not have even bothered to look at WS and just stuck with the others.
  • Same thing happened to my friend. People associate WS with being super expensive.
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  • I've never bought anything from WS before because the closest is an hour away and I've heard it's expensive. Is it local to most of your guests?

    I'm not sure what I would do in your situation. If you were really hoping to receive the items on your WS registry, is it possible to find similar items at BBB or Macy's and register for those instead? I know you chose those items at WS for a reason, but it doesn't seem like people really want to shop there.

    Of course, you could also just leave it and see if anyone gets you a GC, or use cash gifts to buy those items yourselves. Does WS have a completion discount? You could probably get a good deal with the completion discount combined with cash gifts after the wedding.
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  • I had macys, c & b, and pottery barn. Only 2 items (a small wine rack & a floor storage unit- total ~ $200) were purchased from pottery barn, but we got almost $500 in gift cards there. I was kind of surprised because we had a lot of cheap items on there! Don't may be getting gift cards. 
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  • I think Macys and BBB are more accesible for guests to shop at. I know by me, you do not have to drive very far in any direction to come across either one. To be honest, I dont even know where the closest Williams Sonoma is by me, so I would have to make a special trip, I assume it is probably the same with other guests coupled with the fact that they associate WS as higher end.
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