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Need Help with colors.

My fiancé Ryan likes the color green and I love the color blue... but we both want red in the wedding. 

Would these three colors work together??

I have pictures of Green and Red

And I have Blue and Red 

I love both but any ideas on if all these colors would work? 

Re: Need Help with colors.

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    If you want to use all three, I would have the color primarily red and blue and then have touches of green in your flowers.  Personally, I prefer the red and blue combo.  The red and green one is to Christmas-y to me.
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    Could you do blue with red accents for the ceremony and greens for the reception or vice versa?  I agree that the green and red is a little Christmasy.
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    It really all depends on how you use the colors.  I think you could pull if off easily if you use the right shades and have Blue and Green as your main colors and tie the red in as an accent color.
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