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My shower is a week from Satuday.

My entire Macy's registry is gone, from this weekened minus 2 towels and one platter

But my williams sonoma registry is still intact minus 3 gifts.

Should I shift things from W+S to Macys? Like our bakeware etc.
I am not sure why Macys was more popular. I think because there is only one W+S store around us..besides the outlet. And I am still hoping to get some gift cards to there.

We love to cook and I like the quality of their items- and their selection.
But I guess Macys has been more popular- probably also because of the coupons and sales and its more well known with my older guests.

Should I just keep the registries as they are?? I mean if someone waits until next week to get a gift and Macy's is sold out-- then its not really my fault they waited and now have to travel to W+S right?!
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Re: XP: Registry Items

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    egm900egm900 member
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    If both stores are convenient to your guests, I wouldn't worry about switching things over.  For one thing, WS has a lot of brands Macy's does not carry, as well as having certain "exclusive" models.
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    I think it's a good idea to make sure there's enough to choose from at both places, and if that involves moving some things to your Macy's registry, that might be a good idea. If someone comes to Macy's to buy your wedding gift and there's nothing left, they're going to be disappointed. I wouldn't move everything, though.

    I think it's more likely that if your Macy's registry is bought out, you'll get Macy's gift cards, not WS.
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    aragx6aragx6 member
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    I wouldn't shift things necessarily, but I would try and find a few more things you like at Macy's to refill your registry with.
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    I just have to say that's awesome. Our shower was Saturday and we had 4 things off our registry.

    So, yay for you!!! =D

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    Only shift from W-S to Macy's if the items are the same (or if you actually prefer the Macy's version). Don't put stuff you don't really want at Macy's just to please ppl. Your guests will either find you W-S registry, or get you something off registry.

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