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Amazon Registry?

My fiance and I haven't registered yet, and I'm still looking into my options.

What are the opinions out there about Amazon? I haven't heard too much about it.
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Re: Amazon Registry?

  • I'm an Amazon Prime member, so I love when people register on Amazon because I can order it with no shipping costs.
    I don't have any experiece other than it being user-friendly for the guests.
  • We registered on Amazon.  Overall, it was a good experience. 

    The positives:
    - You can really add anything you want, between Amazon's own selection and the universal registry option (you can add anything that is sold online, basically)
    - It gives your guests the option to say "bought somewhere else," so they can mark an item as fulfilled without actually buying it from the registry
    - I love shopping on Amazon--free shipping and a familiar interface
    - If guests want to get you a gift card to wherever you're registered (some people do this), Amazon credit is awesome to have

    The negatives:
    - You have to pay return shipping unless the item is defective
    - 30-day return window.  We were able to call and get it extended, but that was a hassle
    - You don't get a completion discount (I don't think this is such a big deal, since Amazon's prices are generally very reasonable)
    - I would recommend against adding tons of things from one store to the universal registry rather than just registering at the actual store, since many stores do give completion discounts (we wanted 2 things from William Sonoma, so we just added them to the universal registry, but if we wanted 30 things from WS, we would have registered there)
    - If a guest clicks through to buy something at another site through your universal registry, your shipping address will not automatically fill in (we had guests that were buying off the universal registry email to ask us our address)
  • Everything PP said - we liked the registry overall but it was a supplemental registry with most of our items being on our BB&B registry

    I also just used a friend's amazon registry to buy a gift and the process was really simple.
  • In Response to <a href="">Re:Amazon Registry?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Is it all online, or is there an in store option?
    Posted by Sleeper2013[/QUOTE]

    <div>All online.  And putting something from a b&m store on your Amazon universal registry will not in any way signal to the store that you are asking for that item.  We added a tent from REI to our Amazon universal registry.  If someone wanted to go to an REI store and buy the tent, they certainly could if they knew what they were looking for, but the store wouldn't be able to look it up for them or anything like that.</div>
  • We're using Amazon and so far everyone loves it. You don't have to order the item online. A lot of them liked it for that reason. There was a list, they can mark "bought at another store" and go buy it wherever they want! Out of town guests loved it because there is a free shipping offer for orders of $25 or more. Everyone hates paying shipping costs. 

    We chose Amazon because we didn't want to feel limited to items in 1 store or have to register at 5 stores. Amazon made it easy for us to pick items we wanted no matter where from.

    The only downside is there is no discount.
  • I love Amazon in general. We're registered there for our upcoming wedding. So far, so good.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re:Amazon Registry?</a>:
    [QUOTE]As someone who doesn't shop online or give cash as a gift, I'd encourage you to also register at a physical store. If I were a guest at your wedding and you only registered at Amazon, well then I guess you'd get an empty card.
    Posted by Sleeper2013[/QUOTE]

    <div>You refuse to buy off registry?  I'm not being defensive of my decisions (we had 3 registries: Amazon, and 2 b&m stores).  Just remember that registries are guides, not requiremed purchases.</div>
  • It does sound like an awesome registry, but I guess thinking about it more, my fiance and I thought of A LOT of guests who are older and don't have online access (which has also swayed us away from including online RSVP options)
    And really a lot of other in-store registries can be viewed online still, so the more tech-saavy individuals can use that route if they like.

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  • My only concern with an Amazon registry...I am so indecisive about things and don't have strong opinions concerning housewares. How would I even begin to pick what I want from the thousands of choices on Amazon? Does anyone have any tips about that?
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