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WP and Parent Gifts

So FI and I have had WP gifts pretty much figured out for a while all the BMs are getting different necklaces that match their dresses, and the GM are getting tie clips that have been engraved with something special from FI. I think we're planning to give these gifts at RD?  I am totally stuck on what to get the parents.

I also have a few other people involved who I am not sure if I should get them a gift or not.  My Grandfather's wife is putting together all the flower arrangements for the church.
My Best Friend from high school is a professional flautist and it playing at ther ceremony
and then several relatives and close friends are doing readings during the ceremony.
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Re: WP and Parent Gifts

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    We're getting our parents albums.  Our photographer is just straight giving us pictures and not putting albums together so I'm going to put together albums for them.

    As to the other gifts, you obviously feel that you need to give them something or you wouldn't be asking IMHO.  Personally I think a nice thank you card and maybe a personal something that relates to what they're doing.  Like a fake floral arrangement for your grandfather's wife or a piece of sheet music or a flute ornament for your friend who is playing.  As for the readers, I've never heard of them being given a special gift other than a really nice thank you.  Don't go overboard on the gifts.  You want to make people feel special but not one of them is thinking of what they'll be getting out of it other than making you happy.
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    Do you expect the bridesmaids' to wear the necklaces to the wedding?  That isn't really a gift if you're giving them jewelry for them to wear to the wedding.  It's one thing if you picked each necklace specifically for the person because you thought they would like it, and another to "match" it to their bridesmaid dress and be upset if they don't wear it to the wedding.
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    The can wear them if they want to, they are all different, and I'm planning to supplement with some other little things.
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    I got my bm's bracelets and earrings they can wear the day of the wedding.  It is a gift because they don't expect anything.  I am presenting it to them at the RD.

    You have a lot of people to 'buy' for.  I would try to get them something simple... not expensive or a nice heart felt thank you card and note.  They are honored to be apart of your sepcial day, they don't expect gifts.  
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