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received several engagement gift - now pushing to register

I got engaged in April - super super happy - excited the whole 9 yards...
Grandmother and Aunt just sent me engagement gifts this week - since I am fairly certain we will not be having any type of engagement party - all fine and good - and practical - love them and was extremely surprised and thankful that I got anything (flatware - entire place settings for 8 plus serving spoons from gram - and a waterford crystal salad bowl and salad tongs from my aunt )

Well apparently while they were in BBB the woman asked for my registry info - I am not yet registered - and really do not plan on it until maybe March / April of next year for a sept 2013 wedding. 

My grandmother and my aunt now believe that will be too late and that I should register before xmas - my thoughts for not registering are because I do not want things to be discontinued by the time people start buying

Please tell me I am not crazy... how far in adavnce did anyone else register ?
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Re: received several engagement gift - now pushing to register

  • You are going to get a lot of mixed answers on this. There are people on here that start their registrys a year ahead of time and there are some that wait until a lot closer to the shower. If people are asking you to create one to buy you things for christmas, you could always create a very small registry with the intention of adding a lot more after the holidays/beginning of next year. I personally am registering in October for my June 2013 wedding.
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    We registered in early January for our April wedding, and it was more than sufficient. I don't think anyone bought anything off it till maybe March anyway. I didn't have any showers though. If someone throws you a shower, then you should have a registry set up by the time the invitations for that go out. But otherwise, a few months is fine (March for a Sept wedding sounds about right). Some things like plates and kitchenware will stay in stock for years and years, but linens, especially duvet or comforter sets, change out every few months at BBB, so I would wait till the last minute on that. (or just register for simple sheets and buy a duvet or comforter set later).

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  • Don't register now.  Think about how stock and patterns turn over.  Things you register for now may not even be available when you get married.  Ditto Avion here.  Wait.
  • I disagree with PP - you can register whenever you want.  We registered 13 months in advance and have had literally 1 item out of 400 get discontinued.  It was a set of mixing bowls and took about 2 minutes to replace online because Williams Sonoma replaced it with a very similar set in their inventory.

    If you do it the way I personally think you should, registering takes a long time and several trips.  I get annoyed when brides just grab the scan gun and lose their mind... you should think about what you need/want in advance (keeping in mind you might find a few things you didn't think of once you go) and you should do your homework on every item on your list to make sure it's good quality and has the specs you're looking for in that item.  If you want to know whether it will be discontinued, look to see how far back the reviews go.  It's not failproof, but it's a pretty solid indicator to know whether this is an item that is truly seasonal, or whether this is an item that makes up part of their permanent stock.  Our bedding, for instance, has reviews back to 2009 at pottery barn.  We felt fine registering for it that early.  At the very least you can start looking for china patterns and crystal patterns if you plan to go that route.  The Waterford Lismore pattern is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, and the Lenox Opal Innocence is celebrating its 10th.  Plenty of fine china and silver patterns are over 50ish years old.  Those aren't going to be discontinued by next June.
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  • We registered quite early and have received many gifts off the registry for engagement, christmas and even my birthday! you do have to watch and make sure that things don't get discontinued.  So far 2 things on our list have been discontinued but it was easily fixable.  And I was originally hestiate about registering early but after multiple people asked me where I was registered we decided to go for it.  Good luck!
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  • We got engaged in December, married in July, and registered in April. I feel like if we had a longer engagement that went through a Christmas, we would have registered early so people could shop there for Christmas if they wanted. However, since Christmas wasn't really an issue, we had zero problems doing it 3 months in advance.
  • To satisfy your aunt & grandmother, make a registry with items that are highly unlikely to get discontinued, or are easily substituted (iron, wet-dry vac, garment steamer ... think appliances more than decor).

    Closer to your date or when you have your showers, register the whole she-bang.

    We started our registry and continuously changed it as time went on, as we got gifts that we weren't expecting, and didn't want things that we previously thought we did and took them out.

    Congrats & Happy Planning!
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