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Website Woes - a Fair Warning about the Knot WEbsites

Fair warning, if you create a new domain name for your website through the, you will be sorry.  They will not let you renew, if you are engaged for over a year, and your domain name will expire. Then when you have guests who need to look at your website, they will not be able to find it.  Even when you send a help question through their online messages or via email, no one will ever help you.  Then you will be stuck without a website less than 2 weeks away from your wedding!  They are extremely unhelpful when it comes to customer service and I would NOT recommend using their website tools at all.  Hope this helps.  I wish that someone had told me this before I built a website through the knot.

Re: Website Woes - a Fair Warning about the Knot WEbsites

  • It's pretty well-known that TK tech tools are not user friendly.
  • PP is right and the knot is wonky.
    That being said, my site has been up since last July and we aren't getting married till November and my site is still fine and active...Not sure what might have happened to yours
  • Sorry, that sucks.  We didn't like TK's privacy policy so didn't think about using their wedding website.  I think we used, if you're looking for something else--it's really easy.
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    Did you buy a personalized url? TK's for purchase websites have a designated lifespan. I'm pretty sure the free ones are supposed to be indefinite or expire a certain time after your wedding, something like that. I can't entirely remember, but I know purchased domains do have a lifespan. 
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