Registry and Gift Forum registry - DON'T DO IT!!

Just an FYI for brides out there thinking about registering at

the return expiry window ends a money after someone orders a gift. so if they order a gift more than a month before your wedding you won't be able to return it!!! and if you argue and do get a return label from them they will still charge you a 10-20% restocking fee!! so lets say you order a Dyson vaccuum - thats $75 that you won't get back!!! 

Also a lot of their items look great on the website - towels, glasses etc. but when you actually get them they are in shabby condition.. my towels had strings coming off them with out even having washed them once!

Better to go with a reputable registry place like MACY'S. you will be glad later on that you did! =)
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