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When to do my registry

Hello everyone! I am getting married on August 18, 2012, and was wondering how soon I can do my registry? Everyone keeps telling me to do it now, and others are saying to do it 5 months from the wedding. I'm so confused! HELP!!

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  • We registered at the 6 month mark because it was the most convenient time for us... it is 3 months before the first shower, which is pretty far out. The downside to registering so far out is items could be discontinued or out of stock so you may have to re-register for something else. Honestly, I don't buy gifts until the week of the shower for other people. (i.e. I'm going to one next Friday and plan on buying a gift on Sunday or Tuesday...)
  • My goodness - I'm getting married in September and haven't even registered yet!! That could probably be partly because fiance didn't want to register for anything and we really needed to figure out what we wanted/needed.

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    I got married in August and we started our registry around Feb/Mar before.  It is WAY too early to start it now.  I think 6-9 months out is good.  Otherwise a lot of stuff will get discontinued and you'll need to update it around the 6 month mark anyway.  Besides, no one starts buying presents until the shower, which is probably 1-3 months before the wedding. If you start it now, you are just going to compulsively check it and be sad that no one is buying anything.

    PS.  Give yourself like a month to set it up.  That's how long it took us (we started in Feb, it was "ready" in Mar).  It takes a while to go to the stores and figure out what you like.  You could start scoping it out now, but really, so many things get discontinued or replaced with newer models every 6 months or so (especially bedding, but even housewares).  The only thing you could probably look at now is china.
  • I'm getting married this November and we just started ours a few weeks ago. Actually since we registered at 2 different stores we broke it up in two trips, it can be overwhelming to spend hours in one store and then expect my fiance to do the same in another store (he's not a shopper). Also, my sister told me that her friend that just got married had an issue with her registry - they registered for her bedding and bath linens early and by the time the shower and wedding came around they didn't have them. Apparently those items are seasonal so I would wait until closer to your shower to register for those items, but it couldn't hurt to get an idea of what you're looking for.
  • not getting married next july but i started a registry with a small amount of items....ive heard to do this b/c sometimes (not that its neccessary to do) people look to buy engagement gifts/christmas gifts from the we get closer we will add more stuff and finish it
  • we have already done it our date is june 2, 2012 the first month we got engaged i had people asking where we were at. It doest hurt to do it now only we only tell people if they ask.
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  • I wouldnt do it any earlier than 6 months out.
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    [QUOTE]I wouldnt do it any earlier than 6 months out.
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    I agree.  We did ours in October (a year before) because I was so excited, but we've run into tons of issues with items going out of season or not being produced anymore so we have had to find others to replace it.  If you do start early, make sure you keep an eye over it and update it if something falls off.  The danger in that is if you fall in love with something, be prepared to lose it.  You never know what a store will keep for over a year.
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  • We registered 4 months out from the wedding. I think 3-6 months before the wedding is appropriat to start the registry. This allows plenty of time for people to purchase gifts for the bridal shower, if you're having one. You can always update the registry online throughout your engagement. I would not advise creating the registry 6+months out from the wedding because some items you select may be discontinued and be very confusing for guests, plus you would not get the item you wanted.
  • Six months is plenty early. We are getting married in June of 2012 and registering in November for Christmas.
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  • We did ours about a month ago and our wedding isn't until 5-12-12.

    Our main reason for doing it so early was that my parents here having an E-party for us (it was last weekend) and we did recieve a few of our items from the registry and a lot of people have been asking us where we are registered.

    I think that if you are willing to spend time about once a month going over your registry to delete/change discontinued items etc. you can do the registry any time you'd like to!

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  • We did ours in March for a November wedding.  We thought it was early but wanted to get it out of the way.  There was somebody else there registering for an April 2012 wedding at the same time as we were.  As long as you're registered before any gift giving parties you'll be fine.  We've gone back a few times and added or removed things that we've changed our minds about.  Some of the stuff we didn't even remember putting on there and laughed about because we really don't need an $80 gravy boat that has space for a candle under it.. I think we got a little scan gun happy at first, so it was good to have the time to go back and change it before somebody bought those things.
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