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Okay maybe I am overlooking this or I just don't understand. I have read that Amazon is a universal registry, so is there a way to register at other stores such as BBB and Kohl's, in person and then just link that registry to the Amazon one. I really like the idea of registering on Amazon, but I would like to do the other two places also, but of course don't want to duplicate or have people not aware of the other locations.....

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    The universal registry is for adding individual items on your Amazon registry. For example if you found something on BBB's website that you liked. You'd click on the Amazon wishlist button on your toolbar (you need to install it), and it'd show up. If you want to register at multiple stores, just list them on your knot registry page and let people know about that page. Or, Amazon gives you room at the top of your registry to write a message for your guests. You can tell them there! Hope that helps!
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    Just register at all 3.  Your BBB and Kohl's registries will be online through BBB and Kohl's, so you don't need to put them on your Amazon Universal Registry.  The Amazon Universal Registry doesn't make it so guests buy through Amazon, it just gives a link to that item at the website where it's sold.  I would only use the Universal Registry for items that you want from stores where you are not otherwise registering.  For us, we had things from REI, WS, and a few other websites on the Universal Registry.  Our registries were at Amazon, BBB, and Macy's.

    A few other FYIs about Amazon--

    By using Amazon to get to a BBB item, your address will not be listed as an option in the ship-to for the BBB item, and guests will have to enter it themselves.  We had a few guests email us to ask us our address so they could send us something from our Amazon universal registry.  

    Keep in mind that a lot of stores have completion discounts, whereas Amazon doesn't.  Some stores, like Macy's, give you points for the gifts that are purchased for you--you won't get that credit for things purchased through the Amazon universal registry. 
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    Also, I don't know why you are worried about guests not knowing about some of your registries.  They will find out about the BBB and Kohl's ones the same as Amazon:
    1. Google
    2. Asking you/family/wedding party
    3. Wedding website
    4. Shower hostess

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