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Registering and Multiple Stores

J and I registed at both BBB at Macys.  We put the bulk at BBB (everyone always has those 20% coupons!) with a handful of items at Macys.  J's mother was at Macy's looking at our registry yesterday and told us that we should put things on both (ie, food processor).  Is that accurate?  To me this seems like you're just setting yourself up to receive 5 toasters.

Re: Registering and Multiple Stores

  • I agree with you.  Maybe there are logical reasons to do that but I can't really think of them.  Also, whenever I see that it's always in the back of my head that the bride and groom are just planning to return the extra one for cash or at least store credit.  Not saying that's necessarily the case but it's just what it looks like. 
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  • We did not do this. It seems like you will end up with duplicates and have to return things, which is a PITA. What we did for some things was register for an expensive version we would love with a more affordable version that we need. We only did this for a few items (silverware, knives) and if we have to return one, we will. However, we usually registered for both at the same store. We are assuming people might notice we registered for both and just get one. Also in some instances, like with silverware, we wouldn't mind getting a fancy set for special occasions and a regular one for everyday use.

    But registering twice for essentiallly the same item seems kind of pointless to me. PIck the one you like best and go with that.

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  • I would suggest doing both only because some people only shop at one or the other. I also think it depends on where the guests live and what is more convenient.  Also for Macy's Cardholders there are tons of sales and coupons so it may make it more affordable for your guests. We did both and if we end we with duplicates we will just return it for something else on our registry. At the end of the day we will be grateful for whatever we get and just want to make it easier for the guests.
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