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I want to give my bridesmaids personalized bags for part of their wedding gift. Any ideas on a good website that sells some really cute ones for not too expensive?
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    TK has some on here.

    Do you think your BM's will like and use personalized bags? The wedding industry tends to push monogrammed or personalized everything for WP gifts, when many times they just get donated, thrown out, or relegated to the closet.

    You obviously know your friends more than me, but I personally would hate a personalized bag. i wouldn't want to carry around something with my name on it. Just something to think about before you buy them. You should really shop for each girl with her personal interests in mind, so unless you've seen her use one beore or KNOW she would love it, I would steer clear of uniform monogrammed gifts.

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    I got mine off Etsy

    My girls loved theirs--they've used them a few different times.  However, the bag wasn't their main gift (I did a variety of gifts)
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    Since you're looking for bags, I actually got one of my BM an LLBean tote that could be used for a variety of things with a monogram. I'm actually getting my bm different things but she's always carting stuff around so I think (hope) she'll like it and find it useful.  

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    Now I'm glad I didn't get tote bags with my bm's initials, but am having concerns about what I DID get. = )
    Went to and did "bucket bags" (small purses) with a picture I thought they would like. They just came today and I really like them. The good thing is that because Costco has a FANTASTIC return policy, they can go back if they really hate it.
    Not sure what you mean by "inexpensive" ... but they were about $50 each.
    I also got handkerchiefs with their first initial. Not because I felt pressured, but I thought they were pretty and not too expensive ( So if you feel like you want to get something with an initial/monogram, you could do that so it's small ..and then maybe get a plain bag.
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