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47, 2nd marriage, as excited as a 20 yr old bride......any more like me out there?

Hi, I am 47, getting married in February to the most perfect man god could have made for me, and couldn't be more excited!

I want to talk weddings, talk colors, talk dresses, talk shoes, favors, decorations.....but of course my friends are either married for 20+ years,getting divorced or forever single.......and although couldn't be happer for us, they really don't wanna talk weddings inside and out.....

Any other brides to be like me out there in Knotty land....I am a DIY, for a large portion of my affair......and would just like someone to chat along with.....

Hope to hear from some of you........



Re: 47, 2nd marriage, as excited as a 20 yr old bride......any more like me out there?

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    Congrats!  I am very excited about my wedding, too.  It is still over a year away, so I am planning in small doses, so to speak.

    What colors have you chosen?  Do you have a particular style in mind?
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    Congrats Debi!  I totally understand where you are coming from.  Talk all you want here and share your excitement with us!
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    I totally understand how you feel Debi!  Feel free to share with us!!  Congratulations and welcome!
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    I know just what you mean. I'm 46 and obsessed with my 2nd wedding because I eloped the first time around. It is so much fun choosing a dress and bridesmaid dresses etc.
    It's a lot of fun so I say, just enjoy it and savor the planning. You deserve it! I know I've worked very hard my whole life and my father won't be there this time but I am going to enjoy the whole thing as much as possible.
    keep us updated!!! christine
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    I was 56 at the time of my second marriage.  And my first husband attended.  But I think I was more excited, and I was certainly more involved, in my second wedding than in my first.
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    Welcome Debi!

    You found the right board. We don't get tired of listening to wedding talk, LOL. The ladies here are "mature" and some of the posts very personal, and we can all handle it, LOL. I gauge how much talk I direct to people around me. For example, my Mom (who will be 80 in January) is somewhat excited, but honestly, even though this is my first marriage (fiance's 3rd), I have given her 2 grandkids, and she's the type who just nods and listens. I'm SURE she would have been more excited and involved if this happened about 30 years ago.

    I update my friends and family with emails to our wedding site (link below), that I try to keep updated with new pics to share the experience. That way I don't have to discuss much, but I keep them informed.

    My 16 y/o daughter will be my MOH, and she sees the boxes of DIY stuff arriving and we talk about things, but she's a junior in HS, involved with friends and soccer. She's interested, but won't be really interested until the day gets closer.

    Tell us more about your wedding. I peeked at your bio, and your dress is GORGEOUS!
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    Congrats & welcome!!!!  I know how you feel too.  I will be 44 when we get married (June 4th) & I am definately more excited than I was the first time around (over 20 yrs ago).  I love this board, it's the best!!
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    Congrats! \
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    Congrats & welcome Debi!!  Its an exciting time no matter what your age is and we're all here for you! Can't wait to hear about what you're planning!!
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    Hi Debi!

    Congratulations and welcome!  I am 44 and planning my second  wedding; and I am equally as excited as a 20 year old! Feel free to share your wedding plans, colors, themes, and the joys and stresses that come with it!

    I just got back from my first fitting and I am riding on a cloud!

    Wisihing you all the best and hope to read a post from you soon!
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    Congrats...sweetie...I'm a bundle of excitement too!!!!  Mid-forties and 2nd marriage, too!!  I have worn my FI out with all the details...and my bridesmaids are exactly what you said--"""....but of course my friends are either married for 20+ years,getting divorced or forever single...."""

    So, sugah...I'm just as giddy as you are...have fun!!  Don't let anyone spoil it!!!  There is a lot of good advice and stories on this's like having a million girlfriends!!!

    Feel free to ask questions, everyone is so willing to help...

    God Bless

    S and CJ
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    Congratulations! I am 49 (2nd marriage) and I am also giddy as a 20year old! Have fun planning!! It will be here before you know it!
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    Happy to see you here!  I am a 37 year old, second time around bride, I can relate!!

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    I love hearing of your excitement. I'm older than you are, was married before and swore that I'd never do it again. Now here I am. After 11 years of singleness, I'm engaged and we plan to marry in June. I'll talk wedding with you.
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    I am in the same boat!  I am 40 and this is a second wedding for both of us and it seems that no one is very excited.  Everyone always asks "why not go to an island or Vegas?"  It drives me batty!

    I'll talk wedding any time you want!
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    I have the  opposite  problem     He asked me to marry him we have a date but no ring yet. So I have told no one except my children 20,22,24  untill I get the ring ( i dont know why)    my first wed was a jp with 5 people ( baby on board) I want to yell from the roof tops but think i should play it like no big deal  it has been so nice reading all your post should I wait for ring? My kids are so happy for me and want to help me d said "mom this may be your 2nd marrrige but its your first wedding"
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    George7211, if he asked and you accepted - you are engaged!!!  Yay!! Congratulations!! If you need a ring to feel that it's official mention it to him, in a non-confrontational way.   Wow that is great that your kids are excited for you!

    Our wedding has been long awaited my FI and I dated when we were 15, were best friends until we were 21, he proposed back then but due to my circumstances I had  to say no. He was stationed in Germany, and we lost touch letters I had written were unanswered (he didn't receive them, they weren't returned to me either). Reconnected in person in 2009.  It's a much longer story and that is the most condensed I have ever made it.

    I'll be happy to talk wedding to anyone who wants! 

    We're the same age as the OP. (If you need to know)
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    Hey Deb,
    Welcome to the board, I got married at 53 just a month ago, see some of my pics and my story in a few posts DOWN.

    One thing you learn fast as an older second timer is that no one cares about your wedding as much as you do and the other brides here!!!!!

    So come on in and get your wedding groove on we love all things wedding and are extremely giddy. I'm a newlywed now and still over the moon with happiness and so is my hubby.

    Ok, I still can't resist posting pics:)  here we are on our wedding day 9-11-10, I didn't stop smiling for 10 hours: My 14 year old son walking me down the isle here.

    Accepting his ring.
    My gorgeous happy groom!!!!


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    I'm 47 and this is my "trophy" wedding.  We're trying to keep it relatively small, but relatives we thought wouldn't come are expressing interest in driving nearly 900 miles to attend. 

    At this point, we're waffling between beach and a restaurant with a nice covered patio.  We need firm commitments from the travelers before we decide.

    I'm making my dress, I'm the only one with flowers and we're not having a wedding party. In short, we're keeping it simple. 

    C+D, Four kids, two kids-in-law, four grandkids
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    I'm 46 - he's 50 and it's second wedding for us both.  We are doing destination wedding and keeping it very small.  With my first wedding we had to be very budget conscious all the way around.  It's nice the second time around that we can opt for some of the "nicer" things.  I am having a blast and really boring my daughters with all the little details!

    and PS - why doesn't my ticker work?
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    Congratulations Deb.

    I like this board.  I never introduced myself here but I always thought these ladies were very nice.

    I wish I knew about this group earlier, I got married in July.  And like you said it was kinda hard dealing with your enthusiasm against people who weren't as interested!  For me it IS my first marriage but, I being older than 37 I don't have the same 20 something perspective.

    Deb from December '09 until July '10 unless you were a guy, I was telling everyone about my wedding and despite the size how FAB it was going to be.  So, I look forward to reading about your wedding and seeing other ladies as excited as I was. 

    Heck, I still am...I'm thinking about having an anniversary party!
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    I cannot even express the happiness I am feeling right about now, or describe the smile that is upon my face from the overwhelming response to my note !

    Are you all haveing Bridesmaids??? Bachelorette parties? are you wearing a "bridal" gown? what are some of your ideas?????

    I am so happy I have new friends to chat wedding with !!!!!

    Ok, to answer a few questions, IF i can remember them all.....

    I have done most of everything I can, myself, and I love DIY, so that excites me anyways.......

    we are doing a sunday brunch....with a ton of food, champagne, wines and beers.....but we are not doing "hard liquor" since it is afternoon.....

    We picked our venue...which is a Banquet facility that was recommended by a few freinds of mine. The Chef, who also is one of the owners is amazeing according to them and their prices were wonderful.  We are haveing (hopefully) 125 ppl and NO is so hard to keep it low, I want to invite the world.....

    I haven't booked my florist yet, I only need three arrangements for the ceremony and then my bouquet and a few buitoneers and a flowerfor each am not too worried about that, I will go do that in November....

    We have 5 sons between us and they are all going to be a part of the ceremony in some capacity, depending on them individually.....

    MY dad, still wants to walk me down the aisle, although I was going to have my sons do the step mom told me so......hmmm....ok  (my mom passed away 8 yrs ago)

    MY colors are sapphire and platinum   (or silver and blue) lol     I like the first description better !!!   Tableclothes are silver, chair covers are silver, napkins and chair ties are deep royal sapphire like blue.then a silver box on each napkin filled with soe kind of chocolates  (tbd) .....Blue centerpieces with silver floating candles and silver votives will adorn the tables also.... Also on the tables i have a 5x7 frame with a poem of love or marriage, I found 13 I love online......then I have 2 sapphire like gem paperweights on each table with  blue ice that will be scattered.......sounds like a lot, but  will post a mock up...soon!  I think my tables will look awsome.....(fingers crossed)

    My dress, I love...victorian, vintage like   champage with an ivory lace......I found BLUE glitter gorgeous sandals to wear......I think the guys are gonna all wear grey tuxs.....My soon to be husband (wohoo) saw them in an ad, andjust loved tem.....

    we actually knew one another in High school....I had such a crush! we ran in the same lrg group of friends....I was so shy and since i liked him, when ever he spoke, I couldn't answer, so he thought i was the biggest BIT-- he had ever met......30 yrs later, we cross paths...thank you FaceBook, and here we are.....

    We are doing a DJ, we have a photographer but no video......

    I want to hear everyones colors, dress', foods, plz...I love this!

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    Keep smiling Deb.
    I am loving your excitement and can hardly wait to see your mock up of your table.
    Sapphire and silver are always a winning combination.
    I love your story. Isn't Facebook awesome? Your love shows us all that it's never too late, and it's not over till it's over. 
    Some of my girlfriends wonder what's taking me so long to get married. Others are married, and they married in the last 1 to 10 years. One of them had a destination wedding in 2009, and the other married at a golf course both beautiful ceremonies. Both had bridesmaids. One of them had 2 granddaughters and they were the flower girls. 
    Both of my parents are deceased. My aunt is my family matriarch and she is highly upset that I'm considering a full on all out wedding or a destination wedding. She thinks that I should wear a short dress and do it quietly. I have several girlfriends who think that they should be the matron of honor. At one point I wanted to have attendants but now I'm considering no attendants because four of them think that they should be the one.
    I'm still excited and I am going to have a long wedding gown, in ivory. But the opinions of others really hurt at times.
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    Your ideas sound awesome and we can't wait to see pics of your centerpiece mock up's and I would love to see those blue glitter shoes!!!!

    I've posted a lot of pics lately, so cruise some the last posts to see some. My pro pics are due in on Friday, so I will be posting more.

    I had my 2 sisters as bridesmaids and my son (only child) walked me down the isle and was a groomsman and his son (only child, 17) was the best man. Both boys did an awesome job and we were so proud of them, they looked so handsome in thier tuxes!

    Our colors were shades of the jewel tones of navy, fuschia, gold, purple, and red. to match the stained glass windows in our venue, which was an estate mansion.

    We married in front of the chapel, which was on the grounds of the mansion.

    The chapel with real mosaic.

    my sisters with their flowers

    Our initials on my bouquet, I used the S&S monogram theme on the invites, here on my bouquet and on our GOBO (name in lights ons on the dance floor.

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    @ Darlene, 

    A short dress, quietly.....OH HECKY know that you have to do what you want to do and NO one can tell you otherwise.....It is hysterical that you actually said that mother passed away 8 yrs ago and my father re married a wonderful woman........when they married she wore an Ivory suit...perfect for her and her wedding to my a hotel, with a brunch and a piano player softly playing music in he background, BUT with 150 people!  

    She wanted to come with me to buy a dress, so of course I obliged......also attending was my Aunt an my besty gfriend........My step- mom was truly against a "bridal" gown, but let me tell you, she was all into pulling gowns from racks and making me try them on.......and then going so far as wanting me to get a dress she chose with the FULL skirt, tight bodice with much for not wanting me to buy "bridal"   

    Maybe an outing with you and your aunt can pursuade her otherwise.....there are many gorgeous gowns out there that are not so "bridal" but very appropiate for the bride who still wants a wedding "kinda bridal" me......Its bridal, but not bridal......

    When one is getting marrtied, she is a bride.....there are no other terms for her.....A bride wears a wedding dress......wether it is white, champage, pink or blue.....weter it is short, long or in between.......

    Love is a wonderful thing, make your wedding memorable.....what you want, not a stuffy older matriarchy is not her wedding.......

    keep me posted !

    Only listen to your own opinions.......those are the ones you live with ! 

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    I love your colors, I am a huge fan of the jewel tones!  I am looking forward to your pictures also!!!

    When we went dress shopping and I saw the "younger" brides with their wedding parties....i felt a little.......left out, I guess........YES i was with people I adore and adore me equally.....but i kinda missed not looking for dresses with my friends as "bridesmaids" If I had daughters, or perhaps he did, I am sure we would have gone with a small bridal party..BUT we have 5 boys between us in age from 17-23   and all single......(thankfully)

    when the word "bridesmaids" came up in was very clear that every one thought that bridesmaids were not right for my wedding.....except the little tiny wanna be 20 yr old bride inside of me.......she wanted bridesmaids...Smile

    But the outcome was no.......

    Your venue sounds amazeing....i wish i would have been more patient and looked a little more for a venue that was more romantic, dramatic and different.....

    I am sure our venue will be fine, but it is lacking all the above......I am hoping that the "venue" is what we make of it.......and with should be over flowing with romance...:)

    Here are my shoes   

    They are so me....It is just like me to wear a vintage type dress in style and color and change it up with these shoes.......they r totally awsome!  FOR me, that is.....
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    Deb, was your dad disappointed about not walking you down the aisle?

    If, so I saw a really cute way to handle that recently.  A woman I know had her three brothers walk her down by checkpoint.  Each guy walked her a quarter of the way down and the finally her dad gave her away!  It was really sweet.

    In the meantime, I like your plans. 
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    I love your idea......

    I haven't made my FINAL decision yet......My step mom said my dad really wants me walk me down, but my youngest son (17) does 20 yr old likes when the attention is NOT on him, so he says he will gladly NOT be in the lime light of the procession......

    I love your idea     !!!!!    I may just have to steal it......Thank you so much !  It is the perfect solution......
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    Congratulations!  I'm 42, he's 43 and I'm more excited than most people who are having their first!!  LOL

    I know what the good stuff is, lol.  I eloped too the first time, so I am relishing every minute.  I plan to keep enjoy it, and I use the forums because you're right, not a whole lot of people get it when I watch SYTTD marathons every weekend.  LOL. 
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    Congrats to you also!

    Too funny, i too watch all the SYTTD  altlanta, NY, big bliss......then of course there is 4 weddings and peter tuteras show.....I like them all, and  the funny thing is I watced them even before I was even engaged...I should have been a wedding planner, I LOVE THEM ! .

    Keep us updted on your plans
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