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47, 2nd marriage, as excited as a 20 yr old bride......any more like me out there?


Re: 47, 2nd marriage, as excited as a 20 yr old bride......any more like me out there?

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    Congratulations!  I will be 42 and my groom 50 when we are married.  Second marriage for the both of us. I am giddy inside with excitement.  Our wedding is going to be smaller and less formal than my first.  

    I am so happy to have found this board...I feel like I can really learn a lot from all of the wonderful women posting!

    My biggest concern is making "other people" upset if they aren't invited.  My first wedding I was in my 20's and I did everything to please everyone else.  This time around I want it to be about me and my sweetie.  Any advice?

    So happy to have found you all!

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    Hi Debi

         Congratulations and welcome to the board.  I just got back from my honeymoon and posted a few pictures when I read your post.  

         I couldn't agree more with Alphabride, she is spot well as pp's.

         Boy do you sound just like me when I first got on here.  I was so excited, never had that feeling before (def not with the first one).  Which made me feel like this was my first.  I had all the feelings and emotions that a twenty year old bride feels and I loved it.  I have to say though my enthusiasm was tempered by my boy's thinking that I was crazy for being so excited and they just didn't get it. I chalked that up to being young.    The advice I recieved from the ladies on this board was priceless.  They made me feel not only welcome, but, perfectly normal for all the emotions and feelings that we all were experiencing. 

         With that said, I forged on and planned my wedding my way.  I realized fast that I was paying for it and I had no one to answer to but, my FI and myself.  I planned my perfect wedding and now that it's here and gone, it was everything I ever dreamed of and more. 

         I can tell you dreams do come true and Happily Ever After is atainable.  I hope you enjoy every minute of your planning, don't sweat the small stuff, at the end if it wasn't totally necessary, I dropped it.  If you go into it with the idea that you want to have a blast, a real celebration then that's what it will be. 

         I wish you all the happines in the day's ahead.  Look forward to hearing all about your plans. 

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    I am very happy to hear that there are other mature brides out there with me.  I am too excited and I feel great about this!   I am finally marrying the "right" man after two very "wrong" marriages (one at 18 and one a few years later the complete opposite of the 1st- which wasnt the greatest idea as he was a nice but needy guy) The highlights of both failed marriages are my beautiful daughters and very handsome son.  This is my FI's first marriage and my last!!!  I too thought I wanted a short dress but I found the perfect one and it's an ivory long dress.  Someone commented to me about "youre wearing white again??"  I was a little taken aback! Really it's none of anyone elses business what colors, how many attendents, how many people except for the bride (me) and my groom.  We are not asking anyone else to pay and it's our choices.  I am going to ask my daughters (18 and 22) to walk me down the aisle, and my son wants to be ringbearer (he will be 8 at the time ofthe wedding)  We are doing it outside in the backyard with a caterer and tents.  Colors will be black, ivory and purple.  Casual but not so casual.  I think it will be a beautiful affair....
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    Hi all ... I think I am more ecited this time than I was the first time ...

    It is my second marraige and his first and we are both 38 (he is 3 weeks ounger than me) ... I have learned not to fear blind dates at baseball games and I think my 7 year old might love him more than I do ..

    My colors are lilac & ice blue with chocolate accents and butterflies. The bridal party is mostly teenagers. My oldest will be 19 by the time we have the wedding and she is my maid of honor. My best friend is my matron of honor and his best friend's 3 older daughters are our bridesmaids (19, 17 & 15 at the time of the wedding). My younger daughter & his best friend's youngest daughter (8 & 9) will be the flower girls. My son (13 at the time of the wedding) is walking me down the aisle (and being a groomsman) and my three will be asking him to join our family instead of giving me away. He is having his best friend and his brother as his best men and his best friend's son (16) will be the other groomsmen.

    I hate waiting 18 months to get married but to have the ceremony we want, some things have to wait ... but the planning is so fun ... I have emails to send before I go to bed and ebay to check too ....
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    Hi Everyone,
    @ Debi I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your message. My FFIL had a heart attack and is now at home on hospice. Our wedding is 8 months away and I know that time is not on our side. 
    I love my FI's father and we are now considering a small intimate ceremony at my FFIL's home so that he will see us get married. We will have our immediate family members only, 18 guests.
    I'm just wondering if I should cancel our destination wedding in June? I also wonder if it will be as special since we will already be married. I'm slowly watching my dream wedding go up in smoke.
    Until a week ago, I had my doubts and challenges but I listened to all of you on this board. I love your excitement and the joy is contagious. I was in planning heaven. I had decided to have bridesmaids. I was going to totally ignore my aunt and to wear a full length wedding gown.
    Now I'm considering 2 weddings. A small intimate one and the destination wedding. I'm just not so sure it's the proper thing to do.
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    I am so sorry to hear about your ffil's condition, my sympathy's for you nd your families!

    I personnally adore the idea of an intimate ceremony with only your immediate family present and most importantly your will make the memories of your wedding so much more special...and then...JUNE comes and you renew your vows and have the wedding of your dreams...think of it as a pause and a restart.....

    This is all about you and your future husband, and it should reflect your feelings as well as include the people who are most special to you!

    The great thing is, there is no longer a right way or a wrong way...there is only YOUR WAY.....

    I wish you a beautiful ceremony, BOTH times!  

    Keep us updated!
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    Hi Ladies,
    My wedding date is approaching fast and things seem to have taken a life of their own. The wedding has grown far larger than we wanted and I'm unsure about whether or not 2nd time brides should register. Please send me your thoughts. 
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    We have 21 days to go and I am getting nervous. I'm not sure why.
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