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picking an e-ring the second time is harder

I'm the kind of girl who discussed getting married the first time and this time. No surprise proposals. That does mean I got to pick my first e-ring and this e-ring. It sounds fabulously fun but it's actually kinda overwhelming. Last time we had the money to indulge in a pretty incredible dream ring. I don't want to pick something too similar and I don't want to spend as much money this time around. Me and Future Mr. are prepping to start trying to concieve and I'm a founder in a start-up so money is quite different right now. 

So I have two totally different schools of thought and am torn. 1 is sticking with my ornate tastes but mixing in lab-created stones instead of natural stones to cut cost by 2x. Both Future Mr. and I are scientists so we think lab-created stones are super cool not a sad substitute. Loose lab diamonds weren't really on the market yet before or I would have done it last time too.

Option 2 is super functional. Something indestructible like titanium with engraving or a tiny stone that I won't have to worry about hurting when I'm doing my awesome science. 

I may vote for both worlds and wear the band when I'm working/building/sciencing and the e-ring when I'm not. So many options. Having no constraints is amazing and hard.

Re: picking an e-ring the second time is harder

  • I love going with something other than diamonds for an e-ring, especially for a 2nd wedding. My vote is for option #1.
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  • I'd go and try things on.  I didn't have much of an e-ring the first time around--just a band with tiny, tiny sapphires in it.  This time I've got a >2 ct with tiny diamonds on the band--white gold, in a setting that's very antique/vintage looking.    Funny thing was I thought I wanted a square cut with 2 baguettes on either side, in a platinum setting.  We went to try them on, and the square cuts didn't look right on my hand. 

    Bottom line: rings are like dresses and bathing suits, you really DO need to try them on to see what looks best on you. 
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  • I think lab-created diamonds are fantastic.  I hate thinking of the mining conditions and politics behind diamonds (I didn't get to pick my ring, or else I probably would have requested conflict-free or lab-created).

    Having said that, I think a completely non-traditional e-ring is a fantastic idea as well.   There are some great tungsten rings that look just like white gold or platinum but are much more durable.  You might have to get a men's ring and size it down, but it would still be awesome.  

    Now you have me curious -- what kind of science do you do?  :-)  I love science!!
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    [QUOTE]Now you have me curious -- what kind of science do you do?  :-)  I love science!!
    Posted by Avion22[/QUOTE]

    <div>:-) Bioengineering. Mostly medical device design for global health. It's part science, part engineering. I used to be more at the bench collecting data myself and now I'm more of the scientist wrangler. Fewer nitrile gloves but less repetition!</div>
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    Go with what you like its going to be on your hand for the rest of your life. Though my ering will have diamonds the center stone is a 2.4 carat purple sapphire this time. Its bigger than I wanted but made FI happy (he was literally giddy at its size) so since he was ok with the setting I wanted we agreed on a stone that he liked the size of. The thing I feel really great about is the metals are predominantly recycled, my diamonds are kimberly proccessed, and my sapphire is untreated sourced ethically. I feel good knowing that though we paid a pretty penny more than I wanted my concious can be pretty clean wearing it and it wont look like everyone elses ring either we got a ring that represents us.

    I actually really like the gemesis diamonds they are absolutely beautiful. They are simulated an they make really nice colored ones at a fraction of the cost. I am not a fan of the white diamond neither is FI but we are both a little odd. Ticker
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    The first time around, there was no formal proposal.  We decided to get married and I designed my engagement ring (GORGEOUS!).

    This time around, H had a plan and proposed, with ring in hand.  It has a complementary wedding band.  I would not have chosen them but love them nonetheless.  *sigh*

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