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It doesn't fit!!

Or, at least, I'm sure it doesn't... I'm too scared to try it on.

I went to TX recently and a few of my future SILs were trying on BM dresses.  They wanted to see my wedding dress, so I described it to my consultant.  She asked what size I'd gotten.  I wasn't sure whether it was a 6 or 8, so I said that I THOUGHT it was a 6.  She came back with an 8 because they didn't have a 6.  So, I put it on... it fit pretty well.  Maybe it was slightly loose, but not too much.

I started to panic.  I was afraid that I'd ordered a 6 and all I could think was that if I'd ordered a 6, I'm going to be in trouble.  My wedding is July 2 and I haven't even had it altered yet (although, it only really needed hemming and a bustle).

So, I just looked to see if the dress I purchased was a 6 or an 8. 

It's a 4.

Now, let me explain a bit.  I've had some major migraine issues and my doctor tried a bunch of meds that weren't working.  The only thing that touched my migraines was percocet.  Sometimes, that wasn't even enough and I had to go in for shots. 

I was referred to a neurologist, who tried some more medications.  One of them caused me to gain about 20 pounds.  I stopped those meds, but haven't had much success getting the weight off, although I haven't tried very hard.

Now, I'm trying to lose the weight.  I'm going to start doing about 30 minutes of cardio a day (started today) and have recently started cutting out the sweets and fast food.  I've also started drinking my 64 ounces of water a day (at least).

Does anyone know of anything else I can do to quickly lose the weight so that I can fit into my dress??

I just need something to help kick start the weight loss and then I intend to keep the weight down by continuing the water, healthy eating and exercise.

TIA for any helpful ideas you can offer!!
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Re: It doesn't fit!!

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    Yes! To jump start your metabolism, start eating 5-6 times daily. For weight loss do not go under 1200 caloris daily.  ALWAYS eat lean protein at every meal. Read the book Body for Life. I did this exercise program and changed the way my body looked in 3 months, amazing! I followed the diet as well, but switched to Weight watchers after that to maintain.

    Weight training offers much more of an afterburn than cardio, so start weight training 2-3 times a week as well. Also reshapes your body in a good way!!!!
    Much info is out  on the internet about how to do it correctly. Maybe do weights M_W_F and cardio Tues, Thurs and Sat. Always give your body one day of rest per week.

    If you do these 3 things, eat right, weights and cardio I think you can lose the 20 by your wedding. Stay consistent. Eat healthy carbs, and lean protein, you must with weight training to deliver nutrients to your muscles.

    Don't weigh in daily because your muscles will hold onto water making it look like you gained when you didn't. Weigh in 2x a week or so.

    TAKE YOU MEASUREMENTS with a tape measurer once per week. The inches are what you want to lose. When you weight train and your muscles get dense they weigh more than fat. The tape measurer shows fat loss. Fat sits on top of everything so when the inches go you know you are losing.

    Don't get discouraged, don't take pills, get plenty of sleep. Don't go on any wacky starvation diets, or programs. The only healthy way to lose is what you are doing now, eating right, exercising.

    When you cut out all the sweets you may get a headache for one day, but that goes away. You will stop craving the bad carbs and junk food VERY QUICKLY within a week or 2.

    I went to half caffinated coffee (only in the morning) as caffine stimulates your appetite. Exercising will create appetite too. Eat protien to curb the appetite.

    Don't DRINK CALORIES. Only dring water, stay away from anything with artificial sweetners and they can cause a blood sugar reaction.

    EAT your protein, and all foods, no lliquid diets!!! the body has to use more calories digesting food than liquids. READ LABELS. DECREASE ALL PROCESSED FOODS until you can get them out of your diet. Except rice and whole wheat pasta.
    Count calories.

    I also recommend Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto, great great healthy way to lose fat FAST!!!!!

    Good luck and for more daily support join theknot weight loss board "getting in shape" they are great and only support healthy weight loss.

    I wish you the very best, keep us posted!!!

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    I forgot to add how important it is to MEASURE YOUR FOODS AND COUNT CALORIES, do NOT ESTIMATE<> Most people grossly UNDER estimate how much they eat. I did this!!! That is why I went on Weight Watchers, then I really started to drop pounds FAST.....everything was measured, and counted always. Heck, look at Jennifer Hudson, I rest my case. If you have the money perhaps try weight watchers meetings or on line. It is the healthiest wieght loss program I have ever found and it works like a charm.

    Most people do not realize this but NUTRITION is over 80% of weight loss, it's what and how much you eat that is going to make you lose weight. EXERCISE works synergistically with nutrition and revs up your metabolism, but i CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT IS IS TO MEASURE AND WEIGH YOUR FOODS.

    If you eat to much, you can exercise until you fall over and you won't lose weight.
    one hour of hard cardio only burns about one bagel with cream cheese. It's much easier to just DEFECIT CALORIES, you must do this to lose weight!!!

    My best....

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    Push water.  Dump sugar.  Add some weights to the cardio.  Alpha pretty much covered it all.

    Good luck.
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    You guys gave me pretty much the same tips I just got from my FI (who is in the Navy), but in a much more motivating way (he sounded so technical with everything).  Thanks so much!!!
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    YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    I agree with all the great comments here and I would add displaying pictures of the dress everywhere (especially on the frig) and everything you are thinking about skipping that workout - look at that dress!

    I was in the Navy!

    when's your wedding?
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