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What did u do with your old e-ring?

Hi, I have a few questions for those of you who have been married or engaged before.  Did anyone sell their old rings?  I was engaged before and then called it off.  I kept the ring for a while but now I really have no need for it and don't want to turn it into another piece of jewerly either.  Can I sell it?  Where would I start?  Anyone had any luck selling their old rings?  TIA.

Re: What did u do with your old e-ring?

  • ishatagishatag member
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    I am also doing the unusual - I have an engagement set that I paid big money for from a previous failed relationship, FI has the engagement set from his past failed relationship. We're going to take them to a jewler and have them totally redesigned into something fabulously new. I figure if we can build something beautiful out of two rocky pasts, why can't we burn up, polish off, and reshape the ring juju from bad into good?
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    My fiance sell for his friend of work .
  • luckyme502luckyme502 member
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    I traded it with my mom for a different ring. She gave me her original ering and she took the diamond out of mine and had it reset.  I wear her ering as a right hand ring. 
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  • sonomagalsonomagal member
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    to Ishatag

    OMG!  Fabulous!  Brilliant! 

    Sadly I only have my diamond ring and my fiance doesn't have anything.  Combining would have been a stunning idea. 

    I was thinking of seeing if a jewler would take my diamond in trade for another.  I might be "trading down", and that's OK.

  • Kimberly0402Kimberly0402 member
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    My mom is getting remarried 3 months after my wedding. She is taking her old e-ring and selling the 18K gold. The diamond is antique and she is having it made into a pendant for me to wear on my wedding day.
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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    I sold my ring.  Can you sell yours?  Sure.  Why not?  Start at jewelry stores which also sell "heirloom" jewelry; that worked for me.
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