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Need Dress Ideas

We are having a really small ceremony at home with our 6 kids (ages 20 -10)  no one else is invited.  But I need some ideas of a dress?  I don't want white, ivory or traditonal but I still want to look beautiful.  Any ideas?

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    I would pick a dress in your favorite color or the color that looks best on you and go with that. Maybe choose a bridesmaid dress and use it as your wedding dress. If you prefer a shorter dress go for it! I know that davids bridal has a lot of nice bridesmaids/special occasion dresses. I chose one to wear to see phantom of the opera in and I absolutly loved it. I may even wear to either my shower or our rehearsal dinner. Good Luck!
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    If you live near a Nordstrom, I recommend you go there to the Special Occasion department.  You may get some good ideas there.  That's where I found my dress.  :)
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    I have found so many special occasion dresses, most on sale, by looking at the major retailers online. I go in stores as a last resort, LOL. Check Nordstrom's, Macys, J C Penney, Sears, Von Maur, Lord and Taylor, Saks, you get the idea. Penney's just had a fabulous sale of special occasion dresses, but they have them often. When I search online I start with the "sale" or "clearance" tabs, and work into regular prices. Also, online you can find a good selection of special sizes like petite, women, or tall.

    I agree with the prior posters also: find a color you love and wear it. That way it's something you might wear again as wel.

    Good luck.
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    I think that you should go for a dress in a colour and style that suits you and shows off your best bits. It doesn't matter what it ends up being but it should make you feel like a million dollars.

    I agree that you should look in the sales sections and maybe look more at the Bridesmaid/Prom dress side of things.
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    The pp's have the right idea!  Look on line and check Nordstrom's, Macy's and so on.  Wear your favorite color or your FI's favorite color if it looks beautiful on you!
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    Around here Dillard's has a great dress selection! I'd try there and maybe David's Bridal or another store and look at the Bridesmaid or Special Occation dresses. Just wear whatever you like!
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    Did some looking on the weekend, but didn't find anything that I liked.
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:35Discussion:989d88cb-e891-447a-855d-c173f309293ePost:d72102ad-e62f-480a-ab6d-5a496327f763">Re: Need Dress Ideas</a>:
    [QUOTE]Did some looking on the weekend, but didn't find anything that I liked.
    Posted by loriandedwin[/QUOTE]

    Don't give up!  Do you have anything in mind that you think might do the trick?  My vision was simple: v-neck, soft, tiered (maybe), not white/ivory.  I kept an open mind and ended up with a wonderful dress, which I saw out of the corner of my eye while shopping for a dress for a business function.  Less than a week later, I went back to the store.  *sigh*  The rest of the story is .... I bought it and it's in the back of my closet.  Only 244 days to go ... ugh!

    Here it is:

    <a href="" title="Click to view a larger photo" onclick="return gSiteLife.LoadForumPage('ForumImage', 'plckPhotoId', 'e3e2d8f7-5300-4632-99ef-4f548c0d489b', 'plckRedirectUrl', gSiteLife.EscapeValue(window.location.href));" class="PhotoLink"><img src="" alt="" /></a>
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    I had a very small second wedding (13 people including us). All I knew is that I wanted a beautiful "special" dress and that I didn't want a bridal gown. Beyond that, I really had no ideas. I went to a "special occasion" dress shop near where my parents live and tried on tons of dresses of all kinds. Ended up with a halter gown in the palest pink and a super-sheer chiffon. It was gorgeous and special, but not at all a typical wedding gown.

    If the department stores aren't working for you, check out special occasion stores and bridal stores but in the BMs and mother sections if you don't want a traditional white bridal gown.
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    My Mom wore a simple tea-length dress with bolero. It was a sweet-heart neckline. It was green and pink and very flowy (not sure exact fabric) and she looked BEAUTIFUL.

     I think PP's have the right idea. Go into a store and pick the most gorgeous dress you see. If it doesn't work out, just keep looking, your dress IS out there. :)

    Good luck and Congratulations on your wedding.
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    I bought a dress.  I fell in love with the style, found a colour I loved then they told me as we were paying it isn't available in that colour.  So I am getting this dress (or very close to it)
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