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He had an actual wedding, I eloped.  Want to plan a wedding this time.  Is it acceptable to go to the wedding shows for ideas and to have a shower?  I never had any of this the first time.


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    Ok, One more time, everybody sing with me now:  You had an ACTUAL wedding, even if you didn't have a big party.  Read the post  about what Miss Manners said about this, below. 

    However, all that aside, yes, it's Ok to have a shower, go to the wedding shows, etc.  But remember that you don't throw your own shower, that's done by someone close to you. 

    As an aside: I went to a wedding show, was obviously one of the oldest brides there.  HA!  But then I decided that I wanted to do things a bit differently.  But I'm still married, even though my DH and I had our beach wedding with just us and the officiant. 
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    That's why it's called  second wedding, because you had a first one. 
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    I think it's ok. I am having a second wedding so maybe I am biased.

    I think it's fine to do a full second wedding when you are marrying a different man or woman.
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    My FI and I are both 2nd marriages.  He had a big wedding the first time, I had a very small home ceremony.  We are having a church wedding and cocktail hour style reception at the church then will go have a dinner celebration with our kids and parents. 
    As far as shower-never had one myself but many of my friends from church have asked to have a bridal tea.  I think it will be fun. 
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    Absolutely it's ok to attend wedding shows, and if family or friends want to through a shower to support you and your FI.. well that's just great too :)   I just had my second wedding in June...  I made sure I didn't fall into the 'it's my second wedding therefore I can't....' trap.  I wore a white wedding gown, a veil, we had flower girls, 70 of our closest friends and family there to celebrate with us, a huge feast and tons of laughs... it was a magical day and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

    This might not be your first go-round at marriage, but hopefully this will be your last. Celebrate your new love however you wish :)
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    You can have whatever sort of wedding you want. Large, small, casual, formal, church, chapel, JOP, beach, whatever makes you happy.

    I went to a wedding show with my daughter and fiance..........they thought my DAUGHTER was the bride....oh my. THAT was a real slap of reality! But do whatever makes you both happy. You should plan a wedding that fits your budget, beliefs, and how you see yourselves on that day.

    Welcome, congrats, and good luck.
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    Just about every bridal shop thought I was the mother of the bride even when I was with my sister, my MOH.
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    Go to the wedding shows and enjoy!  It's fun to see all the new ideas and get caught up in the excitement and joy. You want to see what's available.  Call it a fact-finding mission.  Wish I hadn't missed all of them myself, it would be fun this time around. 

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