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I am the youngest of five daughters. My oldest sister lives in AZ and we live in KY, another one of my sisters is pregnant and due in April, and my wedding is October.  So I figured they didnt want to be a bridesmaid. So I made two of my friends bridesmaids and only one sister my maid of honor shes really been there for me) Now my other sisters are so mad at me that they wont even talk to me! I dont know what else to do but not have bridesmaids. Is that ok?? My fiance agreed that we didnt have to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. So is that just weird, or would that be ok? I am in desprate need of help!

Re: HELP!!

  • It would be absolutely fine to have no bridesmaids, I'm not having any, and I do have 3 sisters. However, I didn't not ask them because I thought they wouldn't be interested, I chose not to have bridesmaids because I wanted to have a small, intimate, and simple wedding.

    Don't change your mind on this now though, just because your sisters are upset; that would be unfair to those you did ask. I think your mistake was assuming that your sisters wouldn't want to be asked. If you wanted them to be bridesmaids but felt they couldn't, that was probably wrong, but if you felt closer to those you did ask to be bridesmaids, then I don't think there's anything you did wrong.
  • There seems to be one sister left out of this. You are the youngest of five and asked one to be MOH, one lives in Az and one is pregnant. Why wasn't the other sister asked?
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