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Mother's gift day of wedding??

I want to give my mother a special wedding day gift.  I'm already thinking about getting a personalized photo album, but need something else.  Any ideas????

Re: Mother's gift day of wedding??

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    That's all I have been able to come up with, but any other ideas would be awesome!
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    i got both the moms a personalized handkerchief. 
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    I got both mom's lockets.
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    I found vintage hankies (don't worry, they are clean!) which match the wedding colors. I'm on a budget, so that's all I'm doing.
    If you're looking for another gift idea try finding a unique piece of handmade jewerly from You could give it to her ahead of time for her to wear to the wedding or the day of.
    Another creative idea could be giving her a cluch (which matches her dress) filled with everything she is going to need the day of the wedding... lipstick, a back-up pair of panty hose, a hankie, a compact mirror... think of it has a Mother-of-the-Bride emergency kit.
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    I'm giving my mom and FMIL both a personalized photo vase from the Knot shop. $33 each.
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    A letter...written on stationary in your own handwriting, telling her what she means to you, talking about special memories and new plans for the two of you.  It will mean more than anything that you can buy...I promise!
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