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Pardon me while I BAMBP (Brag About My Bridal Party) :)

Happy Monday ladies~

I've read / contributed to / lurked on the message boards for a few months now, and I've noticed so many posts about difficult bridesmaids and groomsmen that it makes me breathe a sigh of gratitude and relief for my own bridal party. We should count our blessings with our loved ones and give them the credit they deserve, no?

I'd like to put up a post about how awesome my peeps are, and also ask you: what is it about the friends and family in your wedding party that make them so special to you?

My examples:

1. My sister, the Maid of Honor - somehow manages to balance her career as an accupuncturist, traveling all over the country (and sometimes different parts of the world), and serving as either a bridesmaid or a Maid of Honor in at least three weddings this year besides mine, yet is still so sweet and so organized that she's put together a bachelorette party for me as well.

2. Two college friends, both bridesmaids - one is a stay-at-home mom in San Diego, the other lives in Oregon and is due to have her first child at the end of this week, yet when I told them that I'd gotten engaged, they both enthusiastically volunteered to not only be in the wedding, but assist with any planning in whatever way they could.

3. My sister-in-law, a bridesmaid - this beautiful lady gave birth to my lovely niece in September, but just like my college girlfriends, she would not bat an eye if I were to ask for her help. She's also super busy in her job as a microbiologist... get this; her job is literally trying to find the cure for cancer. Superwoman!

4. Two high school pals, both bridesmaids - one of them makes it a point to meet with me for lunch at least once a month so we can catch up... and the last time we met up, she surprised me by treating! The other is a busy mom who will be unable to make it to my bachelorette party, but totally blew me away when she told me that because of that, she's arranging for something special for the two of us to do instead.

5. Fiance's former coworker, a bridesmaid - I was introduced to her because she and my fiance used to work in the same department at his old job. But in the years since then, she and her husband have offered their advice and hospitality to us so many times it makes my head spin. Even though they had just moved to Utah when we got engaged, they both said they were saving the date, and she said she would be honored to be a bridesmaid.

6. My two little brothers, both groomsmen - these two are a sizable chunk of my universe. Through thick and thin, it's always been the three of us. They will continue the trend of always being there for me when they walk me down the aisle.

7. Theater buddy, groomsman - no car, sprained ankle, iffy work schedule and very little money to spare, but has his best suit all ready to go and says he is honored to be there for the big day. Never has a bad word to say; always cheerful.

8. Fiance's college roommate, groomsman - just bought a new house, and his first child is due on our wedding day, no joke. But, baby permitting, he and his wife say they're looking forward to the festivities.

9. Fiance's college buddy, groomsman - is making every effort to fly all the way out from Ohio for the wedding, then fly back in time for state testing at the school where he teaches immediately afterwards.

In summation, how lovingly pampered and lucky can a bride and groom be? What did we do to deserve such selfless and devoted people in our lives? We truly have an embarrassment of riches and we cannot thank them enough.

So let's hear it. Sing the praises of your loved ones here! How are they making your wedding (and more importantly, your life) extra special? What makes them the wonderful folks that you cherish?

Re: Pardon me while I BAMBP (Brag About My Bridal Party) :)

  • Like you I have had a wonderful bridal party experience.  I feel bad when I read about all the dramatic brides and bridal parties.

     I have 5 bridesmaids-- 3 are my best friends; we grew up dancing together so have been friends since the age of 8 (early 30s now, crazy!) and eventually ended up at the same high school---so cheered together, still danced together too; went to the same college, and after college I was roomates with one of them for years.  I am so grateful to have had the same best friends for so many years!  I've been a bridesmaid in all of their weddings and they are of course so excited for me now that it is my turn!  They have been like my sisters and in no way could I have picked one to be a maid of honor, so I kept them all bridesmaids.  But they will pretty much be sharing that role (one will hold boquet/ring; one will sign the marriage license, all 3 are doing a joint toast,etc).  The three of them have been planning my bachelorette party and have been so helpful helping my mom and aunts with bridal shower ideas.  One of them did my engagement pictures too :) 

    Another bridesmaid is my fiance's sister in law, and she is awesome too.  we met obviously when I started dating fiance, but feel like i've known her forever.  We would always double date with her and her husband (FI brother; also a groomsman).  And lived in the same apartment complex for a year, so that was fun too.  We have a lot in common She is definitely my savior when I need to vent about FMIL, lol; so excited to be "sisters." soon. She now lives 4 hours away (where we used to live) but is always asking if there is anything she can do to help and is helping FI family throw a bridal shower up here too (FI and I moved back to his hometown so are now closer to his family), which is very nice.  

    last bridemaid is FI younger sister.  She's still in school and works so we don't see her much-- and we actually live with her right now!  She's been pretty mellow; which was surprsing because I guess she was a handful in FSIL wedding-- now that she is older I'm sure its different, and we've gotten to know each other well since living with her this year so since we have a good relationship all is well.

    So far so good!  Hooray for awesome wedding parties!

  • Glad you are having such a positive experience!
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  • I just have one person in my bridal party, my BFF from high school who will be my MOH.  Fi and I had to move recently to the next town over (luckily it wasn't a far drive, but it still meant packing up all our stuff!).  I had mentioned to my friend that I was going to start moving stuff Saturday but if she wanted to hang out later that day that would be great; she volunteered to come help me pack and move, then when I forgot my purse later (I was supposed to treat her to lunch), she treated me instead!  She's very difficult to get a hold of because she's always doing amazing things for her friends, like me--when she isn't working or in school, that is!  She is the definition of a true friend, always there when you really need her.  And she's moving in May (2 weeks before the wedding--we're both going to be busy!), so I'll be helping her haul her stuff away then.  I'm so excited that she will be standing next to me when I get married.
  • I need to retract a little, lol.  FSIL last night told she "invited" a co worker and his family (4 total) to the wedding so I needed to add them to the guest list!!  This guy is "like a father figure to her."  Sorry, but NO!!--we do not know him.  Invite him and his family to YOUR wedding.  Luckily FI was in agreement and quickly said no way, it was wrong of her, and that my dad should not have to pay for HER extra guests that we do not know.  I didn't even have to help him come to that conclusion :)  So props for my awesome, supportive FI!  He is planning on spreading the news to FSIL and his mom.   Other than that, I 'm still a lucky bride, and if thats the worst drama i've had, I still shouldn't complain.  This is third time she has invited people on her own to a wedding... When will she get a clue?

  • You have picked the right people!! I feel blessed as well!

    I have two best friends, a good friend and THREE future sister in laws in my wedding party and they are extremely supportive and are constantly telling me to do whatever I want and that its MY big day. I am so lucky to have such supportive cheerleaders!
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  • I have an amazing group of ladies for my bridal party.

    My MOH - my best friend since high school. She was there for me when my parents went through the nastiest of break ups. And continued to be there for me throughout university, even though we lived 3 hours apart. Even distance couldn't make us grow apart as friends. She's a nurse in Toronto, but has done everything she could to get her bridesmaid dress and make it stress free for me.

    Bridesmaids - one is a college friend that I met on the very first day of entering campus. She only met my fiance on the day he proposed, but she has been super supportive of our relationship, and offered to be a body guard to me if the best "maid" tries to do anything at our wedding. Other two bridesmaids are my sisters. I've shared so much of my life with them that I couldn't imagine not having them in my wedding. We may have had our differences over the years but they're my family. Also my older sister is having a baby soon after the wedding (about a month or so after), yet is still excited to be a bridesmaid.

    So I'm glad some of us have really awesome bridal parties :D
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