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Just a weird change of pace

This is a pretty pointless post, so I apologize for that. I'm just killing some time on TK.
So for my bridesmaids, I told them I'm not picking a dress for them. All I want is for them to show up in a black dress, with black shoes. Any length, any fabric, whatever. Just as long as it's mostly black.
So now, still 6 months before the wedding, I have 3/6 bridesmaids threatening to show up naked if I don't pick dresses for them. I feel like I'm in the wedding Twilight Zone.
Of course this isn't a real problem because it means, Hopefully, sometime in the next 6 months these girls and I will be able to enjoy a day shopping together and they will all find something that they feel awesome in. Just thought it was an amusing twist on the usual wedding issues. Now on to your regularly schedule programming.

Re: Just a weird change of pace

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    Hahaha! Isn't it funny how some people absolutely NEED to be told exactly what to do? I remember the first time I heard of a bride telling her bridesmaids to just get any dress in a certain color. My mind was blown, too. That was many years ago, though!
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    My friend's daughter told her girls just to buy something yellow. They went to David's without her and bought matching yellow dresses to surprise the bride. You sound like a nice bride, too.
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    Yeah, my BMs, put their colllective foot down when I was too vague about what I wanted.  It wasn't until I told them a length, color, and designer that they felt comfortable enough to pick dresses.  It took them months of prodding at me for me to figure out that they WANTED direction.
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    I've heard from my bridesmaids too that they'd like me to pick something. Sometimes making the decision is the hardest part, and I think a lot of girls don't want to bear that pressure of picking a dress the bride wasn't envisioning - even if the bride truly doesn't care!

    Plus I like to think it means they trust my taste :) 

    I'm hoping I can find a line/designer I like and have them pick their top/silhouette themselves so they can be comfortable AND not worry about picking. Compromises!

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    pinterest, obvi.

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    I had a similar time shopping with my BM's. I told them they could pick the dress as long as it was all the same color. After about 20 different styles they all wound up picking the exact same dress. 
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    I think if they want direction then try to provide some or go shopping with them.  I had a bride say this to me one time and it was awful.  I think I spent as much time looking for that dress as I did for my wedding dress! I've never worn that dress again anyways so I wish I would have saved myself all that time.  

    I have also been in a wedding where the bride just said "wear this" and one where we all went to David's and picked out a dress of a certain colour/length.  Both those experiences were fine. 
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