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Who gets a ride?

My father and I are leaving the hotel together in a sedan and going to the chapel, but what happens to the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids, and flower girl?  Do my fiance and I have to provide transportation to the chapel for them, too?

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    Why can't your mom go with you and your dad?  Unless they're divorced and can't be in the same car together, I just don't understand that.  So yes, it would be very nice for you to provide transportation for YOUR MOM.

    When I was MOG, I got myself to the ceremony and reception.  Because of logistics, I drove one car to my DIL's house to deliver flowers and have photos.  My DH drove our son and several of the GM.

    It's not necessary to provide rides for the WP if you dont' want to.  But as a recent MOB, I'm really stunningly stuck on your mom not going with you to your wedding.  Sorry.
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    Yeah, your mom should be going with you in the same car.

    How far is the hotel from the church? Would your WP be stuck without a ride? Is it in your budget to provide transportation? These are all things you need to consider. If you can provide transportation for everyone, that would be ideal. If you can't, just make sure that everyone has their own ride to the church, whether you help them figure out a car pool or just logistics.

    P.S. I'm glad you figured out how to post; what was said on the Etiquette board was a just a little ribbing for your triple post. Hope it doesn't turn you off completely.
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    Like Trix ride for your mom?  Will all those people be at the hotel with you?  Where will the cars be that got them there?  If the hotel charges for parking...I think you should pay for that if they need to be there with you.  You need to come up with a plan that makes sure that everyone is covered.  They are there for's your job to take care of them too.
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