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Anyone's mother becoming a total diva? My mom is normally very normal, but she is going a little over the top over my wedding. I understand she's excited, but is this behavior normal?

She came dress shopping with me and my BM's to look at MOB dresses and wants something that sparkles from head to toe, is form fitting, and has a slit up the leg. She was asking the bridal shop people to see dresses from designers that are much more expensive than my gown. The dresses she was trying on were completely over the top. I've said from the beginning that I am not dictating what anyone is wearing, but I just find this odd enough to comment on.

She also has specific ideas on which order makeup and hair should be done in (she feels she should be right before me, which may be true (I don't know), but I'd rather leave that up to the makeup artist). She also wanted me to make sure my makeup artist had a certain type of makeup and was trying to push me toward airbrushing because some friend of hers' daughter did it and she wanted it (my makeup artist said it wasn't necessary and I liked my trial without it). 

I think she has a really skewed idea of the role of MOB. You would think she is the guest of honor the way she is so obsessed with her appearance at the event. She is not paying for any part of the wedding so would not be considered the "host". I can honestly say that at any wedding I've been to, I would be hard pressed to point out who the MOB is and what she is wearing despite her walking down the aisle. What's the deal?

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    Maybe she's obsessing over her dress, hair and makeup because it's the only thing she has control over? Did she actually order a sparkly, sexy dress or was she just having fun trying on dresses?

    At any rate, your mom gets to choose her own clothes for the wedding. If she looks 'over the top,' it's on her. If she trying to outdo you, then she is going to look foolish.
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    Used to be that it was the MOB's wedding, back when she planned and paid for it. Perhaps your mom still thinks it is that way, even though she is not the host. Is anything else in her life going on now? Is she recently divorced or has she recently lost a lot of weight? Maybe she is on the prowl or looking to show off her new body. As other PP's have said, she is heading toward making herself look foolish. Too bad you have to be involved. Try your best to find it amusing.
  • Mairepoppy, she didn't buy one yesterday, but has talked about buying such a dress for months and then when she tried on dresses matching the description, it made it clear to me that this really is the dress style she will buy. Nycmercedes, she is recently divorced, but I don't think there will be anyone there for her to meet. I guess the major issue for me is not which dress she picks, but the extreme overexaggeration of her role in the day.
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