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Is it ok for MOB to be MOH?

Hey there, all. My wedding is not for another 2 years, but I'm a military bride and would love to get details like this sorted before I deploy. Here's the scoop: My mother is my best friend. There is no other woman that I am closer to. I realize this may be sad/pathetic, but I would really love for my mother to be my matron of honor. Is this too taboo? Has anyone else done anything similar? I asked my mother what she thought and her response was "Can we even do that?"  I would have 3 other bridesmaids plus the MOH. My sister being one of them. I'm having a somewhat unconventional wedding already, it's outside, non-denominational and during the fall. I would like to hold on to tradition where I can, but it does mean a lot to me. I've heard horror stories about ceremonies not going well when this is tried and people have said that it's pretty weird and I should make my sis MOH instead, but I want to hear what other brides and family members say. Please help?
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Re: Is it ok for MOB to be MOH?

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    Personally, I think MOB is more than enough honor for any woman, but there's no reason you can't do this if she's comfortable with it. My SIL had her mom as MOH.
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    I'm a MOB and VERY close to my daughter as well. I would prefer sitting in the front row watching my daughter get married holding my husbands hand. You can do whatever your Mom and you prefer. I don't think there are any rules that say you can't.
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    My Mom is my MOB- she is my best friend and I would not want any other woman beside me. 

    BTW she is sooooo excited about it!!!
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    I'm a MOB and love watching my dds get married from the front row.  That being said, there is absolutely nothing taboo about having your mom as our MOH.  If that is what you want and she wants to do it then go for it.

    Good luck on your deployment.
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    I think it's a lovely idea! Who cares what everyone else thinks, if you're closest to your mother then that's who you should have for sure!!
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    You should do what you want. It is your wedding. You could ask your mom and let her decide if she wants to be your MOH or not. I think asking her would be a very sweet testament to your relationship.
    On the other hand, when my daughter was saying her vows, I was sitting next to my husband, holding his hand with my head on his shoulder trying not to cry (it didn't work). I wouldn't have had it any other way. It was so emotional for both of us sitting there together during her wedding.
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