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Maid of Honors are Hard to find!!


Re: Maid of Honors are Hard to find!!

  • In Response to Re: Maid of Honors are Hard to find!!:
    [QUOTE]Geeze, i thought this site was to help me. Not bash me and my thoughts. Ive only been to one wedding my whole life so im going into thi knowing nothing.. thanks for the rude/unhelpful comments
    Posted by rks421[/QUOTE]

    How do you want to be helped?
    What kind of help are you looking for?
  • In Response to Re: Maid of Honors are Hard to find!!:
    [QUOTE]There is obviously not a problem with me. It is my day and all i ask is for my bridesmaids to do a dance with me.. thats not so hard to ask. And to help plan and organize the bridal shower and bachelorette party, which are typical of what the bridemsiads are supposeto do. Second, yes, maid of HONOR. They should honor the fact that i asked them to be in my wedding and should help me with the things i need the most. ORGANIZATION
    Posted by rks421[/QUOTE]

    Wow...no wonder why everyone is ditching you.  With this attitude, I'd be surprised if you  have any friends left after your wedding.  
    ...but yeah, totally nothing wrong with you...it's completely okay to be an overbearing, demanding, bridezilla....
  • ellomate13ellomate13 member
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    As a current MOH, let me warn you after this wedding in a few weeks, I HIGHLY, doubt the BTB will have any friends. Why? Because she reminds me of you and already all the bridesmaids are irritated by her. I'm not trying to be mean, because I don't know you personally and I understand this being your dream day. However, I currently am extremely hostile towards my BTB, because she lectures all the bridesmaids about not wearing their hair down because she is, she asked us to rent a limo for her bachelorette party (that's $400 none of us college students have) and she keeps asking for gift. The worst part is she hasn't even muttered a thank your or shown any appreciation to any of us. She continues to boss and dictate people. She is constantly texting me with chores and tasks that aren't even things I should be doing. I really wish I would have refused to be her MOH because I know our friendship is over after this wedding because things are that bad. Remember, in FIVE years from now your wedding day isn't going to matter, but your marriage will. 
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