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Hey y'all.
I love my MOH, but she just told me who her date is, and I'm not a big fan of him. How do I tell her?
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  • utegogglesutegoggles member
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    Is it her S/O? Or a friend? 
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    Unless he's done something awful to you or your fi, I don't think you should say anything about her choice. Why don't you like him?
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    Your wedding is still this February, according to your profile, yes? Are they dating or just friends? Has she even asked him yet? You still have some time, even if they are dating. Your wording makes be think they have not been together long if they are dating. 

    Unless this guy has threatened you or abused you verbally or physically (or your FI and immediate family members) I think you have to let him come. You will be so busy having fun and talking to other people that you will probably not even notice he is there, honestly. 
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  • TallyKyleTallyKyle member
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    He's just a friend. He's never been outwardly rude or disrespectful, but something about him just rubs me the wrong way. You're all probably right though. I will be having so much fun, that he won't bug me! :-)
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