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Mother/Stepmother of the Groom Dresses

Hi Fellow Brides, I need some advice!

My fiance has a mother and a stepmother and both have now chosen their gowns for our wedding. I was a little concerned because his stepmother purchased her gown before my mother or his mother did because it was a great deal but I didn't say anything about it since I wasn't sure if it was going to be an issue or not.

His stepmother has chosen a very iridescent gown that has a different hue to it depending on the lighting - sometimes it looks more greenish gold, sometimes it's more of a bluish/mocha tone. It has a scoopneck, fuller a-line skirt and matching jacket.

His mother has chosen a satin teal gown that is much more fitted, almost a trumpet style, with a v-neck and matching jacket.

My question is, is it a major faux pas that both are in the same (greenish?) color family? It's such a delicate situation and I don't want to upset anyone. I tried steering his mother toward navy blue but she ultimately decided on the teal.

Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!

Re: Mother/Stepmother of the Groom Dresses

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    Definitely not a faux pas.  I think they will both look great!  It is also nice that they both didn't chose the same style dress...this way they don't look like twins...they both are expressing their own style and personality.  Don't overthink it.

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    This is not an issue, unless you make it one.
    The mothers get to choose a dress in the color and style that they like. They don't have to coordinate with each other, the wedding party or the decor.
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