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Another Mother of the Bride Dress Question

I recently decided on colors for my chuppah maids (the girls holding the chuppah-I won't be having bridesmaids) and went browsing with my mother for a dress for her. I told her the color that the girls will be wearing (which will also be our colors) and found some dresses in that color for her. She said she feels funny wearing the same color as the girls but I told her that I think thats the norm, that the mothers wear the same color.
Am I wrong? Should she wear another color as the MOB or should she wear the same color as the rest of the girls?

Re: Another Mother of the Bride Dress Question

  • salsamcgsalsamcg member
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    let her wear whatever she wants
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    She absolutely does not have match the bridesmaids.  It will look odd if she does.  She can wear whatever makes her feel beautiful.  My daughter's wedding party wore moss green.  My dress was chocolate brown, and the MOG wore champagne.
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    It will look kind of weird wearing the same color as the bridesmaids. Your mom should wear whatever makes her feel pretty. She can find something in the wedding color scheme or a neutral color like champagne. Don't make her wear the same color as the bridemaids.
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  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    Usually the moms try to stay away from the same color as the BMs. It would probably attract comment if she did.
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    Thanks! I was just going by the weddings that I had been to so I thought that was the norm. I'll let her know the choice is hers!
  • Soon2BMrsClaySoon2BMrsClay member
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    No one has to match but I also wouldn't want anyone clashing.  For example, my bridesmaids are in black, my mother is in a dark deep purple and my FMIL is in a deep dark blue.
    So they're not matching but the colours will look great together in photos.
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