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Mother of the Bride Outdoor Wedding Attire

My daughter is getting married in August.  The wedding is very casual, on location at a farm location with a historic house and barn.  Tables are picnic, there is an orchard, split rail fence, etc... 

Her dress:  Simple, empire, ivory crepe with a long eggplant colored sash which will be tied in a bow at the back to cover the residual cords from the lace up back.  Both bride and groom may be barefoot.  Very casual.

Colors in the wedding:  The theme is "Natural and Wildflowers" with an emphasis on eggplant and dark green.  There will be an abundance of flowers in bloom; dahlias, peonies, sunflowers, etc.

My question:  Is it appropriate for me to wear an eggplant fitted jacket with a portrait collar (small beadwork on rim of collar), wide leg black pants (possibly linen), dress sandals with my hair up and tear drop earrings?

Just want to get it right! 


Re: Mother of the Bride Outdoor Wedding Attire

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    I think that sounds like a very nice outfit! A light coloured shirt (cream?) under the jacket might lighten the look since it's going to be in August. Sounds like it's going to be a beautiful wedding! :)
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    Sounds perfect to me.
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    I like it!

    And on a total tangent - my mom and FMIL ate completely concerned about what they are wearing to my wedding. They are constantly asking me about "what do you want me to wear?" Truthfully, I don't have the time or the patience to pick an outfit for them! I just want them to wear something nice that they like - and it can't be white.

    So I guess the point is that as long as you like what you're wearing, and as long as it's nice (which it sounds like it is!), then I wouldn't worry about it!

    Hope that didn't come across as snarky - not meant to be offensive! Smile
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    Thanks everyone.  Even with 15 years under my belt as an event manager, it's still hard not to get a little stressed.  I REALLY appreciate your feedback, great idea about lightening it up with a white lace cami peeking out and some pearl drop earrings.  Maybe even change out the black buttons in front in favor of clear or semi-pearlized.

    Ballet slippers might work too.  I imagine there will be alot of walking around, supervising, etc....

    BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO ALASEN, MARIE POPPY AND MEGAN!  Looks like you we are all on the count down.  It will be wonderful for you all.

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    Sounds lovely, but I might go for pants other than linen. I CANNOT keep linen from getting wrinkled and you will be in a lot of pics that day!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Mother of the Bride Outdoor Wedding Attire</a>:
    [QUOTE]Sounds lovely, but I might go for pants other than linen. I CANNOT keep linen from getting wrinkled and you will be in a lot of pics that day!
    Posted by FutureJilliannD[/QUOTE]

    This. And it may get hot, so make sure whatever you wear under the jacket is something you'd be comfortable wearing alone (bra straps not showing, etc.) so you can take the jacket off if you get too hot.
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