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Gift ideas???

Any suggestions on gifts for bridesmaids?? So far I was thinking a few little things, but I'm really drawing a blank! 

Any & all suggestions welcome :) Thanks!

Re: Gift ideas???

  • This is really vague, so I don't really have anything to go by, but a lot of knotties suggest shopping for each girl like it was their birthday- giving them a gift that is personal to them, not something personalized (anything that says their name or BM), for a photo op (think robes, etc) and something that is for your wedding (like you paying for their hair to be done or jewelry you want them to wear.) If you're on a tight budget, a sincere thank you card goes a long way.

    I got a Cpach wristlet once that I use as a wallet that I love and once got earrings that I can't wear because I'm sensitive, plus they matched my dress and were intended to wear the day of, which was crappy. 

    Good luck!!

  • I'm planning on getting my BM's jewelry for the wedding and some flip flops or cute flats for the reception cuz n one wheres their heels the whole night! The robe also sounds like a good idea!
  • Jewelry or accessories meant to be worn at your wedding or items, such as robes and sweat suits with bm emblazoned on them  are not a gift for the bms. They are really for you, to coordinate your wedding. You should not count those as their bm gifts.
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