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Maid question....short or long?!

Dilemma solved :)

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Re: Maid question....short or long?!

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    Well is it on the beach or is it actually going to be inside? It would not be good to have a beach wedding in November. Even though it is SC it can still get cold. However if it is on the beach I would take in to consideration that a long dress would pick up sand easier. But a short dress might be to cold. Ugh! I see your dilemma!

    If it is inside though I would go with a long dress. For November it just seems more in season to wear long dresses.

    So I guess I would need to know for sure where exactly the ceremony and reception are taking place to help make a more informed decision. Talk to the bride and ask her exactly that.

    I know... not completely helpful. Sorry. Good luck! This is a tough one!
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    With it being in November in Charleston, I would go with a long dress.  It can get pretty cold.
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    Long, and then if it's freezing you could wear invisible stockings underneath to keep you a little warmer.

    I had to wear a teal bridesmaids dress once. Promised the bride I would wear it again. That was 4 years ago...
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    We are thinking about short for the bridesmaids and long for the MOH. Everyone will be in the same color, but the length would identify my MOH.
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