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im scared of make up

ok so i did a trial run of my make up...i know it was very very early but I was getting my eye brows done by the same person and was there so it seemed like a good idea to try it. And i loved it when i was in the room and saw it, however when i went outside or anywhere else and looked at it i was afraid that there was too much. I was told i need alot of make up because of pictures and blah blah blah, but i dont want to wear alot of makeup, i dont wear make up in my every day so its a weird thing for me. Its normal to wear alot of make up that looks like your not wearing alot on your wedding right? I just need to get used to it?

Re: im scared of make up

  • What made you feel like there was a lot of makeup? the foundation? The eyeshadow? Lipsick? Blush?

    Can you get another trial and ask for a more subdude look? They can put a lot of makeup on you without you looking like a stage performer.
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  • When I got married years back, I did my own makeup. I went to a Merle Norman (other great places are MAC, Sephora, Ulta, etc) and worked with a woman there to find the look I wanted. I then purchased the lip gloss, eye shadow, etc that I liked, and did it myself. I didn't look very different than I do every day. My skin was a little more prefect, my eyes popped slightly, and my lips were basically the same as always.
    I wanted to look like ME on my wedding day, not a barbie doll version of myself. My pictures looked great. Did I look like a fashion model? No. Did I look like a beautiful, happy version of myself? Absolutely.
    If you feel like it's too much make up, maybe it is for you. Go with what you're comfortable with.
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  • I totally understand. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis. For my trial & actual wedding day it felt like they were putting on so much. But in the end, it didn't look over done on the wedding photos & it stayed all day, which is important too.

    See if your person can do a second trial for you & do your make up the same way & then a more subtle look that you might feel more comfortable with. When we were playing around with colors for mine, to give me a good idea to compare, we did one side of my face with one set of colors & the other side in another look and it really helped me pick out the look I liked best for me.
  • I don't wear make-up very often either and am wary of it. Would it be weird to just use eye shadow and lipstick on my wedding day? 
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