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Airbrush makeup

Okay, so I knew absolutely nothing about airbrush makeup until a few minutes ago when I saw it on another board.  I had not really given any thought into having my makeup done vs DIY until I saw someone else's posting.  I tend to have really clear skin, but I have extremely dark circles under my eyes (hereditary).  I definitely want to cover that up for the wedding.  Typically I only wear cover-up under my eyes and no make-up on the rest of my skin (just eyeliner and lipstick).  I also never put lotion on my face because it makes the skin sweat (gross!).  Would you recommend having airbrushing done?  Can they just do my under eyes or will they have to my whole face to get it to blend?  Does it make your skin sweat?  I would just use my own cover up, but it doesn't cover as well as I would like and wears off quickly.  Any tips would be appreciated!
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