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Airbrush Spray Tan vs. Mystic Tan

I need some color! I am planning on getting either an airbrush spray tan or mystic tan...or another option. I started looking into the options, but can anyone give me advice??

Re: Airbrush Spray Tan vs. Mystic Tan

  • I posted a similar post a couple of days ago. Since your wedding is a couple of weeks away I think you may have enough time to go get a trial spray tan. From what I heard they will fade within a couple of days. Hope this helps!
  • I would certainly try one out beforehand.  You don't want any surprises in this area!  I did Versa Spa (similar to Mystic) the Thursday before my wedding.  But I have done it many times in the past so I knew how I would react. 

    I've done actual airbrushing also and would actually recommend that over a spray tan, especially if you have never done a spray tan.  (I got too busy before my wedding and didn't get an appointment.)  Spray tans can leave you blotchy if you don't know what you are doing.  You'll need to exfoliate beforehand, wait as long as you can afterwards to shower, and the tan will only last 3 days or so.  Spray tans can stain your dress also--mine did a little even though it was done 2 days before. HTH!
  • Thanks,
    I just got back from my airbrush tanning ( Here's hoping it works...looks good so far!
  • I agree! The spray is going to get on your dress. Your better off doing the airbrush with plenty of time before the big day.

    I am totally not a fan of the Mystic at all!
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  • I'll be the oddball - I've done spray tan and VersaSpa, and I prefer VersaSpa 100%. I'm very fair, and the spray tan just made me look orange whereas VersaSpa looks completely natural. I got one for my b-pics a few weeks ago, and I'm planning on doing it for my bridals and wedding... and VS didn't get on my clothes, either.
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  • Whitney, I've never had the VS stain my clothes but it did stain my dress so just be aware.
  • be careful.  I hate spray tans I always look orange. I have very fair skin and DO NOT recommend doing this. Some people also have a bad reaction to the spray causing reddness and or rash.
  • I just did the Versa tan last Friday. I liked the results OK, but it did stain my dress just a little when I did my bridals on Sunday. I don't really sweat a lot either. I will do it again before the wedding. One thing, I HATED the smell. I could smell it for a couple of days, even after showering. I will probably do it 4 days before the wedding to let the smell go away and let some of the color come off.

    I would definitely suggest doing a trial first!

    Good Luck!
  • My airbrushing experience was great. There is a difference between spray tan and airbrush.

  • how can it possibly stain your clothes after you've showered?? you did shower right?? at that point your skin is dyed.  How does it rub off?  I've done mystic tan before and didn't have that problem except directly after the spray session, before the shower. I've never done airbrushing but i really want to!! I want them to do the contouring so it makes me look thinner and more muscly haha.  

    But yeah, i looked orange with the mystic tan.  I'm interested to see how i'll look with the airbrushing! I'm excited!! 
  • I'm a very pale always-burns-never-tans girl and I have tried every tan product out there.  For all of them, after my tan has finished cooking (6-ish hours) I ALWAYS shower.  It gets the bronzer color off your skin and helps remove the smell.  I also found out through trial and error that all self-tanners dry out your skin (something about the chemical in them) and if you don't moisturize your tan will "crack" on your skin like the Sahara desert after a day or two (the darker the tan the more fabulous the white crackling looks...bleh).  My airbrush specialist recommended using one of the gradual-tan lotions you can buy over-the-counter to help keep the moisture in after the chemicals and your tan color fab.  

    If you don't know what you are doing definitely pay to be airbrushed.  Getting your hands and feet to tan beautifully is hard in Mystic without practice.  Don't have your big day ruined by splotchy fingers or orange palms.
  • Heidi, I have no idea but it happens.  I got Versa Spa on a Thursday, my wedding was on Saturday, I had showered twice and I still got a little staining on my dress.  AND I get mine without the bronzer.  Your skin is not really dyed though--it is simply spraying color on TOP of your skin.  What doesn't absorb will be rubbed off.
  • That's so weird.  Admittedly, I don't know how how the fake tanning works lol.  I walk in white, walk out tan, that's all i know haha.  well, that sucks if it does rub off on clothes.  i tend to sweat easily! :-/ that would not be good for me!! lol
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