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Can we talk about armpits?

Are you guys waxing your pits for your wedding day? I have always shaved but for some reason my armpits have become really dark.-Sexy I know ; ). Anyway, I can shave them smooth but when I get out of the shower and look at my underarms its really dark so it looks like I haven't shaved-but there is no hair. I have a light to medium skin tone so it's pretty noticeable. Anyone else have this issue or have any recommendations?

Re: Can we talk about armpits?

  • Hmm the only thing I can think of is taking rubbing alcohol and cleaning them really hard before you shave. Try that this week and see if it works. Sometimes crevaces that aren't easy to clean get dark because it is a build up stuff (who knows what!).

    I know the inside of my belly button gets like that because it's not like I scrub it every time I am in the shower... nasty, I know. So I usually take an alcohol pad to it once a week and it cleans up.
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  • Are you kidding? I LOVE talking about armpits!  (lol...jk)

    Nonetheless...if you have never waxed your pits before, you are in for a treat.  The first time does hurt, I won't lie, but it starts growing in much more fine with every subsequent waxing.  You should start now if you are thinking about doing it.  I am of Mediteranean decent, so I understand the woes of dark hair in less than desireable places.  Another thing to consider is laser hair removal.  I started LHR on my underarms about 5 months ago and despite having thick, dark underarm hair, I had literally NO growth between LHR treatments.  It was unbelievable!  I am almost done with my treatments and I can't believe I waited this long!  My armpits look like they don't even have hair folicles now!!!
  • evilC123 I have an appointment to get LHR done on my armpits next week!  How many treatments have you had?  I payed for three treatments in advance (got a good deal), but I wasn't sure if that would be enough.

    I am so excited and hope that it works great!
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  • I've been thinking the same thing, what to do.  My sister/MOH used to get hers waxed, then did the laser (we're both blonde and it took her 3 treatments).  Can't afford the laser right now but am thinking about trying the waxing for vacation and if I am okay with it, for the wedding and honeymoon.
  • i did LHR on my....shmeshma.  no bikini lines.  love it

    (took about 6 six sessions and $2000 but i figured that w/a regular monthly wax it paid for itself in 3 1/2 years)
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    [QUOTE]evilC123 I have an appointment to get LHR done on my armpits next week!  How many treatments have you had?  I payed for three treatments in advance (got a good deal), but I wasn't sure if that would be enough. I am so excited and hope that it works great!
    Posted by Sarah0335[/QUOTE]

    I have had 5 treatments and I have one left. The place I go defaults to 6 treatments per area (each 1 month apart) and then gives you a year of hair-free guarantee. I have my last one next week, but I am actually going to start doing my upper lip too at my next session (yay for being Italian!) so I will be bffs with the technician by the end of that!
  • Have you tried exfoliation? Waxing is def an option but also try exfoliating with a facial scrub to see if that helps. I do that almost daily and it helped me.
  • I'm dark-haired with light skin, so I feel your pain.

    A few years ago I finally took the plunge and did laser hair removal. Hurt like crazy, but worth it, esp. if you have 6 mos-1year before your wedding.

    My mother used to yell at me about my dark armpits. Turns out it's not necessarily your hair follicles showing, but your deodorant leaving weird marks! Get yourself one of those bath sponges and scrub under there every day in the shower before shaving for 20-30 seconds. It makes a huge difference!
  • It really hurts the first time to wax. I did it in high school before my trip to Hawaii with my friends and it hurt like a biotch. The lady even tried to pluck out the remainding hairs but i started to bleed and told her to back off lol. I probably wont do it again, but thats just me.
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  • I agree with a previous poster about deodorant. I used to get irritation from deodorant which has caused my pits to darken. 

    Try scrubbing your pits with lemon slices before you shower then leave it for 15 min or so then srub it gently with a face cloth in the shower. Just make sure you put lotion there if you are showering at night because the lemon can dry your skin.

    I also started using facial scrub on my armpits once a week. I have not used over the counter deodorant in months now especially the stick ones or roll on. I use natural spray deodorant and this works for me. If am going out and I am going to be sweating a lot I switched to an anti perspirant spray. 

    I definitely have seen a difference since I have been doing all of the things I mentioned
  • Thanks Ladies. I think I am going to try all of these things until I can find something that works.. Good to know it's not just me! I was thinking of buying a Tria but Im waiting to see some more reviews on QVC before I make the purchase.
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    I have that same problem! Thanks ladies! :D
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  • I just did my first waxing and loved it.  I am as pale as it gets with dark hair and this was the first time I felt really bare when looking in the mirror.
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