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Wrecking balm tattoo removal??????

So i started using wrecking balm the day i bought my dress basically.

I like the tattoo but its already in the engagement photos and i was looking at them and i thought OH NO, I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

so i have been scrubbing and scrubbing
any one know how well this works i can see some parts of the fish are actually almost gone and its only been a month and it comes with really good cover up make up so that helps i just dont want to have half a fish left

 i am aware i look really strange with my head like that but he looks good in this one so ill use this photo   its a clown fish

Re: Wrecking balm tattoo removal??????

  • everything written about this product seems to imply that it's a scam.  if you really hate your tattoo look into laser removal.  sorry!
  • RockerBride89RockerBride89 member
    edited May 2011

    I've heard it's a scam as well.  Basically by scrubbing so much you're just exfoliating away parts of the tattoo where the ink wasn't deep anyways and would eventually flake off.  I have a tattoo on my back that some jerk messed up, so I looked into it as well and unfortunatly it seems too good to be true.

  • Hey there!  I actually work for Wrecking Balm and I wanted to offer you a couple resources that you could go to with any questions. 

    That is awesome that you are seeing some fading so quickly.  WreckingBalm is not a quick fix, I know some people try it for a few weeks and give up, not realizing that your tattoo was meant to be permanent so even like laser, it will take time.

    What color is your fish tattoo?  I can't tell from the picture.  Black ink does tend to fade quite a bit faster.  It fades all colors well though.  Many of our customers are very happy with their results, some are chatting about it over on Facebook.  Check out the fan page at also you can pick up a $7 rebate on the welcome page :) 

    I of course can also help you with any questions that you have.  If you post them over there I monitor it all day, so I will be able to get back to you fairly quickly.

    Hope that helps! How long do you have til the wedding?
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