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Tips for doing your own makeup?

I'm not a pro, but I'm planning on doing my own makeup. Have any tips? What's the most important? I hate foundation, I'll likely use some concealer on my under-eye area and a all over powder, but that's it. I like it light and natural, and I want my freckles to show :) But what do I want to make sure to do? Lips darker than normal? More eyeliner/mascara than normal? TIA!

Re: Tips for doing your own makeup?

  • It all depends on how you want to look. Personally Im just going to do my make up how I do it when I go out for a nice evening, but Im the type of girl who wears make up everyday. Just do whatever you are most comfortable with.

    p.s. i love false eyelashes and would definatly wear them on my wedding day instead of lots of mascara.
  • I love makeup and plan on doing it myself also.  Blush & mascara are important for pictures.  I love watching makeup application videos on youtube, you may find some good tips/tricks.  My favorite artist is Kim Kardashian's makeup artist: Stephen Moleski.  Kim's look is definitely not natural but I loved his tricks for applying foundation/powder/bronzer. 
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  • Generally speaking, when you're having photos taken, you should be wearing some type of foundation.  My advice would be to find something very light, like a tinted moisturizer (if you don't have oily skin) or take a trip to Sephora and ask for a light coverage foundation.  If you are heavily freckled, I'd suggest a bit of bronzer as opposed to blush as a peach/pink look on your cheeks would be unnatural. 

    Also, it's not about applying the makeup heavier, it's about using the right products to acheive a nice look.  One of my favorite eyeshadows is Urban Decay.  They have a TON of colors and tones to choose from and they are so pretty and really stay.  You can also buy some pretty fool-proof kits from Sephora that contain everything you need.
  • What does the foundation do for you when being photographed? my skin is sensitive and at times a little dry, but with proper exfoliating and moisturizing it's smooth and no acne, just right :] any liquid foundation, even just tinted moisturizer makes my skin dry up, I have the Stila kind, it did not work well on my skin at all.

    haha I don't think I could apply false lashes, sounds scarey! glue on my eyelids??? Sounds pretty though :]

    I like the natural look, I usually only wear eyeshadow and use it as eyeliner also. if I'm feelin fancy I'll use under eye concealer and mascara. Lip gloss too if I'm goin all out ;]
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    [QUOTE] haha I don't think I could apply false lashes, sounds scarey! glue on my eyelids??? Sounds pretty though :] Posted by hayleymajayley[/QUOTE]

    lol...i though the same thing when I first tried them. Its not as scary as it sounds. But I do know that some girls find them annoying but it might be fun to try them out if you go out with your friends one night. If you like the natural look I would try find a lipstick/gloss that is close to the natural color of your lips. I tend to think mascara is a must.

    As for the foudation. I have skin issues so it makes my skin look smoother, but if you dont have skin problems I wouldnt see it as a must. However I do know that some make-up lines such as covergirl have tinted moisturizor so you could try those.

    My biggest advice is that you shouldnt deviate too much from what you do normally on your wedding day. You dont want to look at your pictures and not recogonize yourself. You will look beautiful no matter what!
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    [QUOTE]What does the foundation do for you when being photographed? my skin is sensitive and at times a little dry, but with proper exfoliating and moisturizing it's smooth and no acne, just right :] any liquid foundation, even just tinted moisturizer makes my skin dry up, I have the Stila kind, it did not work well on my skin at all. haha I don't think I could apply false lashes, sounds scarey! glue on my eyelids??? Sounds pretty though :] I like the natural look, I usually only wear eyeshadow and use it as eyeliner also. if I'm feelin fancy I'll use under eye concealer and mascara. Lip gloss too if I'm goin all out ;]
    Posted by hayleymajayley[/QUOTE]

    Foundation will even out your skin tone and really give you a flawless looking face.  Below is a picture of me without ANY makeup and another with makeup - you can clearly see the difference! The picture of me, fully made up I am wearing false eyelashes but I HATED the type I used, they just don't look natural but again, I was just testing them out. 
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  • (These pictures are not touched up at all)
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  • I am going to a place for $15 they put on  eylashes that stay for 2 weeks. I have allergies and my eyes water allot so this will prevent the moving eye lash. Though i do wear glued on eye lashes if it is for a party or something. The other thing if you go to MAc or sephora while it is slow during the day time they will show you how to to a look. My MOH and i will be going to MAC. My MOH wears make up daily I do not so she will help me with my make-up
  • a little make up can go a long way with pictures! but i would DEFINITELY wear "some" .. talk to your photographer and see what they recommend as well.. if you have dry skin why don't you try bare escentials? i've used it for 5 years now and i LOVE it.. it gives the right amount of coverage.. and if i want to go a little more i can do that too! i used to use liquid foundation and i would have patches of dry skin.. and that was using clinique.. i've never been able to use covergirl or any of those.. but bare excentials might be a little "expensive" at first, but after you get all of your brushes and what not, you should be good to go for months :) hope that helps you out a little bit! 

    oh yeah.. i have freckles too, and they clearly shine through when i go light with the make up :) and in the summer there's no help.. nothing could cover them haha
  • Use a foundation primer, such as Smashbox Photo Finish. It makes the foundation go on very smooth and even and helps it last. Smashbox also has an under eye brightener - a better choice than concealer, and they have a cheek tint called O-Glow that you can put on underneath your blush to enhance your own natural flush.

    I fell in love with a lot of the Smashbox products when trying out make up for my wedding day (this past Saturday. I am really thrilled with how it all turned out.
  • Ditto Smashbox, I have their primer - it's awesome. 
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  • I agree with the makeup artist if you don't usually do makeup under pressure. 'Getting it just right' could snowball into a 15 min late ceremony! However, I'm accustomed to it- the hair is what I'm hiring out for!! I CAN do it, but I know I agonize over every bump or frizz... that nobody else can see. My wedding day is a good day to have someone else tell me that its fine and to not touch it. This applies to some people and makeup.Kiss
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  • I agree with PP that said to check on Youtube for tutorials. You can find out how to recreate just about any look. Start experimenting with different products now to see which ones you like and which ones you don't, and once you find the products and look you like, practice practice PRACTICE! You want to be comfortable applying the makeup, especially in a timed situation where you may feel stressed or nervous.
    Also is a great place for reviews on any makeup you may want to try and you can sort by your skin type/complexion.
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  • I have been modeling for 6 years and natural is the way to go for photos. Make sure you dont pound on the blush and a light powder is normally all i ever do or even a bronzer i love those ! Dark lipstick is a must depending on what your dress looks like (if it has color) and depending on your eye color for example i have blue eyes and to make them stand out i normally go with reds, golds, browns, whites, violets. Also make sure to layer your eyeshadow light (eyebrow) medium (crease middle eye lid) dark (lid).

  • Sorry I'm finding this late ( I normally only check my local boards!), but I totally understand what you are saying. I am a part-time beauty consultant who has actually done make up for many weddings (bride, party and even a Mom/Grandmom tossed in on occasion!) over the past 7 years. With that experience, I have to ditto what many of the posters have said - they have all given you  great advice. My wedding is in April and I did go back and forth on whether to do it myself, or go with another artist. I have decided that I will do it myself. It's not as scary as it may seem, especially if you are used to applying make up on a regular basis. I would agree that practice is very important. The best thing about makeup? If it doesn't look right at first, you just wash it off and do it again :-) If a natural look is what you're going for, then it may be cost effective to do it on your own...

    A couple of key suggestions I would give:

    1. Consider going with a light foundation, or Tinted moisturizer, as suggested earlier. You will be amazed at the difference in your photos. Without foundation, even areas that do not appear to be blotchy or uneven to you may show up in different light in photos.

    2. Use a very light hand at first, it's better to add on then to have to try to take off "extra"...

    3. While false lashes do amazing things for your eyes ( I'm not a normal wearer, but I plan to do them for my wedding), there are many great volumnizing mascaras that can give you a full look - apply at the base and wiggle the brush side to side up the length of the last...and then let dry and repeat...

    4. I am a huge fan of bronzing powder as opposed to blushes. Depending on your complexion, a golden hue on your cheeks photographs very beautifully. Be careful when working with reds or'll need to be sure that you don't use too much. A good suggestion is to cover them with a light layer of finishing powder, to  tone them down and give them a more natural appearance...

    5. Line your lips with a natural liner, with some color. Choose a lipstick shade that is not too light, but not too dark either. A very light coat of gloss (often just in the center of the bottom lip) can help lips look fuller and dewey, but not too "glassy"...

    As you can tell, I could go on...but I do love makeup, and I am looking forward to doing my own makeup (and my Moms, and probably my But just don't lose the fun and excitement of the getting ready stage! If you find yourself getting too stressed over it, just go with a may cost a bit, but your peace of mind will be worth it! Good Luck!!
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    I suggest Bare Minerals for foundation and evening your skin tone. I use the matte under my eyes every day and use the foundation for trouble spots (I typically do not use this all over my face) I use the Mineral Veil for special occasions because it makes your skin glow in photographs. I used this on my sister for her prom and she looked radiant. I also use the blush every day. What's great about it is that its so light and they claim that it won't clog your pores and "you can sleep in it."

    My co-worker first bought it and I was totally against spending that much on make up, but she came to work one day with out make up and then went to the bath room and put it on and I was sold by the difference it made.

    Their eye shadow is ok, but a little too powdery for me! I am also going to do fake eye lashes (will probably test them out a few weeks before bc I've never used them before)

    Here's the site!
    Good luck!
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  • I did my makeup for my own wedding.  I also did an friend's makeup for her wedding (plus mine and another BM) and got loads of compliments, esp. for the bride because she never wears makeup and everyone said she looked natural yet stunning, so I have some first-hand tips to share.

    First, "natural" does take work.  Most importantly, you should reeeally find a foundation.  With the resolution that photographs get nowadays, any imperfections or unevenness in your skin WILL show.  Sorry to be blunt, but to me this is a necessity for wedding makeup.  There are countless brands to try and you have plenty of time.  Go to Sephora or makeup counters at the mall, have them apply the foundation for you, and wear it around for the day to see what you think.  Repeat until you're happy with one.  There are many light-to-medium coverage foundations for dry skin out there that won't cover your freckles, and I suggest you find one you like.  I also agree with PP about finding a primer.  The girls at the makeup counter can point you in the right direction.

    My other biggest tip is to buy, then master, liquid eyeliner.  It takes practice but it gives the best definition to the eye, makes your eyelashes look incredibly lush without needing tons of mascara, and gives a super clean, surprisingly fresh look.  I used Revlon's Colorstay, which comes in a "black/brown" that was perfect for both myself and my friend, and we have very different skin tones.  Applying that along with a neutral tone on your lid, a slightly deeper tone in the crease and a bit of mascara is the perfect natural wedding eye look.

    Also, the flash from the camera can make you look washed out.  It may sound backwards, but applying adequate foundation, light bronzer and blush will actually MAKE you look naturally gorgeous (not fake or overly made-up) when you do it correctly.

    Lips are easy.  The best natural look is to pick a color just one or two shades away from your natural lip color.  If it's lipstick, apply lip balm, then use a lipstick brush for the most even, natural application.  Blot with a tissue and repeat for staying power.  Go easy if it's a gloss.  Don't use anything too shimmery or glossy; it doesn't capture well in photos.  I used Neutrogena's Moisture Sheers, and they gave a nice amount of color without feeling heavy or sticky at all.

    Then practice practice practice, and have a friend or family member take pictures (inside and outside) of you with your makeup on to see how it looks.  Hope this helped and good luck!
  • I am also *heavily* freckled in my face and fair-skinned. I learned a trick that has saved me from the "cakey" look that you tend to get with any amount of foundation over freckles.

    Take a little bit of facial moisturizer into the palm of your hand, and add a few drops of your foundation. Mix them together really well in your palm, and apply evenly on your face, blending at the edges. You can control exactly how much tint you get.

    It's lighter, and you get the even skin tone you need, while still allowing your freckles and personality show through :) This has been EXTREMELY helpful for me, since freckles can be tricky...and lots of freckles like mine can be even trickier. Plus you get your moisture and color all in one. Handy huh?
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  • It sounds weird but serach on YouTube! I saw so many girls doing tutorials on how to do some really amazing make-up tricks on YouTube!
    Also, start practicing NOW and start practicing putting on those fake eyelashes! I SWEAR by them and they're tricky at first but over time, you too can become a pro at it!

    But I'm serious about the YouTube tutorials!
  • I second the YouTube tutorials.  Skip some of the amateurs and look for the professional makeup artists.  They are straight and to the point.  I want Audrey Hepburn eyes.  So, I watched a couple, practiced a few times and now I can do it like a pro!  
    I also went to Shu Uemura in San Francisco to have my makeup done when I was a bride's maid last May.  They gave me some great tips on how to pick makeup that is right for me and how to apply those tricky fake eyelashes.
  • Even though bare minerals is a great brand, good for your skin, and terrific for every day use, DO NOT USE BARE MINERALS on your wedding day. Mineral make-up will make you appear washed out in your photos, as will any make up with sunscreen in it.
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