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Spray tan, then facial?

So I am fairly pale from the winter months and will probably be doing a spray tan for the wedding. Yesterday I found out that 2 of my good friends and BM's want to come visit for a weekend and take me to get a facial done. The weekend they are planning on coming is 3 days after I scheduled my trial spray tan. This may be a silly question but will the facial totally ruin the spray tan on my face and neck? I have never had a facial before....I'm pictuing it in my head and I'm thinking I will come out with a pale white face and a tan body. Is it best to reschedule the spray tan for after the facial? Thanks!

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Re: Spray tan, then facial?

  • Well, since it's just the trial I wouldn't worry too much--I just went on vacation and had a spray tan and then a facial and didn't notice any difference.  Unless they are doing some crazy exfoliating, it shouldn't affect it.  My spray tans don't usually last too much beyond 3 days anyway.
  • I'm currently in school for Esthiology (Skin Care) and Massage and I'm telling you this is a bad idea.. Get the spray tan after! Let me tell you why..

    If you tell your facialist you want "radiant skin", we will exfoliate like crazy! So, any of the dead skin sitting on top will be sloughed away. That is how you achieve radiance.
    When you prepare for a spray tan, they ask you to use an exfoliating body wash for that reason.. to get rid of the dead skin, thus being able to "color" new skin. If you get your spray tan first, you will be lighter in the areas that were exposed to your facialist. 

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  • I would not get the facial after the spray tan. Spray tan after!
  • Of course if this was your wedding I would say spray tan after.  But since it's just a trial as well as 3 days after, then I wouldn't go to great lengths to change my plans.

    But of course for the wedding, the spray tan should come after a facial.
  • sprays tans are suppose to last about 7 days.. usually they last about 4-5 if you shower every day or work out a lot (the salt and sweat pulls it off, don't worry not in streaks unless you go right after the spray tan)

    I worked at a tanning salon that required us to research and be tested on tanning and sunless tanning.
    YES it will pull of your spray tan, and it may be noticeable sicne it's just your face. (although your face is the part of the body that loses it's tan whether fake or real, first) .
    I would suggest you reschedule the spray tan for after, especially because after a facial the spray tan will set in and last longer to your clean fresh skin. it's easy to reschedule those, so just do it to be on the safe side.. if you really don't want you, i wouldn't worry terribly about it since its not near your wedding. (but keep in mind that the spray tan takes 24 hours to set, so do NOT shower for a day after)
    hope we're a little helpful
  • Thank you all so much for your answers! You have all been very helpful! I was a little worried since this is my first time getting a spray tan and a facial but I will just re-schedule the tan for after. Thanks!
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