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Seperate hair and make up vendors?

I will be using my own hair stylist for my wedding and she will be traveling to me and also working on my BMs and other girls in my party. I am also looking into a make up artist that does airbrush make up...something my salon does not offer. Is it ok to have two seperate vendors working at the same time, one company doing just hair and one company doing just make up or is that conflict of interest???

Re: Seperate hair and make up vendors?

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    Not at all! This is your day and you do what you want.. I am a hairstylist who also travels to do weddings and I see different makeup artists all the time! I also do not offer airbrush makeup so to me Im completely fine with this. I say do it and be happy! Dont worry about other people!

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    There should not be any issue at all because they are not competing vendors.  My hair salon does nothing else but hair.  For wedding groups, the owner has no problem with the bride bringing in a make up artist for her wedding party.

    Just be sure that each vendor is respectful of the others' time.  You may wish to speak to both ahead of time and see if either has a preference/need to have hair or make up done first.  At my daughters wedding, the hair stylist felt it best for hair to be done first.  If possible, develop a schedule delineating each girls hair and make up time slot.  Absolutely allow additional time for "glitches".

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    No it's fine.  We have several MUAs here that only do makeup not hair.  It's totally fine to have two separate hair/makeup vendors and in fact should make things go faster since they can both work at the same time.
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    Not a conflict of interest at all.

    Most Makeup Artists don't do hair and most Hairt Stylists don't do makeup. These vendors are more than likely completely used to working along side each other, and in some cases, at the same time. 

    Like previous posters said, work out a time schedule with your vendors (i.e. ask them how long they will need for makeup and hair, respectively). Make a plan for the day with them and listen to their suggestions. All should run smoothly. 

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    Like PP said, as long as there is organization and communication as to the timing, there shouldn't be a problem at all.
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